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Dear everyone,
sorry for the late replies and inactivity. Last week Finn joined our household and has taken up all our time. He is a Border collie and today 9 weeks old. Cute as he can be,  and training/ socialising takes up a lot of time!
He sleeps from half past ten to about five/ six in the morning. That is already great for a puppy, but I could use some more sleep Wink/Razz  Our Leonberger Kayuh is happy to have a new friend again. She plays with Finn, but very careful. So sweet to see!

Joy by Assink-artFinn by Assink-art

Have a great weekendLove The Sunshine 

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He looks like a stuffed toy - but cuter!  
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Yes, he does. Feels so fluffy too Puppy-love :D 
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Haven't yet been approached by any strays or ferals.  There is one gray tabby that prowls the woods behind my house from time to time.  Reminds me of Mr. Brewster, though he has white boots.  He looks well cared for and doesn't want any part of me.  LOL. 
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So cute what nice doggo
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He is. Especially when he is sleeping Heart  Sleeping by Assink-art  
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Awwwww cutie!~♥♥♥
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