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My new DeviantID. Time for something different :happybounce:  I finished the entire piece of Bungo Stray Dogs, Dazai is just a part of it.
All Bungo Stray Dogs characters belong Kafka Asagiri and Sango Harukawa.
Made with Promarkers (base), Polychromos Pencils and fineliner on Canson paper.
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iPhone 5s
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Aug 31, 2018, 9:12:17 AM
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Thank you for your kind words!
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Вау! Очень красиво! 

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Благодарю вас!Heart  (sorry for the late reply)
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Your new ID.  Hmmm.  Why not use it for the icon, too? 
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Just realised that it different from the ID. Thought it would change both.
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Haha.  Yes, different.  This one looks a lot more cheerful than the other!  (Also looks like an abstract design, which is a good lesson concerning composition and the "postage stamp" test!}
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It fits me better :happybounce: 

Cheerful as he may seem, in the story he is a complex character. He doesn't care to work for evil or good. In a way he has no moral compass. He is based on the quite tragic late writer Osamu Dazai.
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No moral compass?  It sounds instead as if he encompasses all potential, good and bad, so a complete moral encompassment.  
Anyway, don't know the character or the writer.  :(  Sorry.  But the colors definitely suit you better than the black.
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Interesting thought! 
Thanks, than it is a good choice for the ID :happy: 
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BTW- I'm curious to know how you hold your instruments when you work.  I know handling them can be difficult and painful.  I was wondering if you rely on a pencil/pen grip, or if you use an underhand, or overhand grip to shift the movement to the arm and shoulder?  
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Read over your question, sorry! It differs per day and project.

I use a pen/ pencilgrip when the brush/ pencil is to thin. I can't wear all my fingersplints while drawing, the metal damages my drawingtablet or the tooth of the paper. On smooth paper the splints leave a dirty trail that cannot be erased (also have to be careful while reading, most studybooks have very smooth paper).

The middlefinger splint on the right interferes with the splint of my index finger. For sketching no problem, but when working in detail I have to take it of. Digitally no problem- I'll use a glove or tape. Working traditionally- always taping. I believe my (r)thumb and right fingersplints are the most important. When I have too much pain drawing with them... rest definately helps. But taping the joints at an angle works too (not the first choice of the doctor ;-). Those two joints are in the worst shape, have to be very carefull with them. But try telling yourself that when a project is almost finished and you're in the flow, LOL.  I have a cast with velcrow to let the thumb and wrist rest after hard work.

Shoulders- just making sure I always have my elbows on the table, so I won't work from the shoulders. I also have a drawing table that I can tilt, but that is for good days (harder with the elbows). Shoulderbrace helps, but when my shoulders are worse, I have to work on a normal- non tilted table. Eh... I should actually rest then. I try to study more when they dislocate, so no time is wasted. I don't know how it is with you, but with me pain leads to fatigue and that leads to less creativity.

Argh... all sounds so awfull when I read it again. I can draw most days, just not longtime in a row and not hours per day. When done too much... more rest. A matter of balance. Like training, but just a bit different.
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