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Meet puppy Finn
Dear everyone, sorry for the late replies and inactivity. Last week Finn joined our household and has taken up all our time. He is a Border collie and today 9 weeks old. Cute as he can be,  and training/ socialising takes up a lot of time! He sleeps from half past ten to about five/ six in the morning. That is already great for a puppy, but I could use some more sleep   Our Leonberger Kayuh is happy to have a new friend again. She plays with Finn, but very careful. So sweet to see! Have a great weekend Margriet
Who's at work?
I am working on a detailed piece right now and I decided to divide the workload for a bit. Japie (my friendly neighbourhood skeleton) tried his hand on it. Don't know what it will bring, but learning to delegate is important ;-). On a more serious note; I have been a bit absent on DevArt, sorry for that. I had some health issues and eyeproblems. Everything is heading in the right direction and I am very happy about that. A good sight turns out te be essential for drawing. I am going to be a lot more grateful for my eyesight this year! Dear friends and watchers, I hope you are all allright. Take care and have a nice day Margriet
The year has gone by. I wish everyone happy holidays with family and friends and a very positive 2019  Let's make great art next year as well!  


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Sol-Caninus| General Artist
Nothing new in weeks.  Does the puppy take all the time?  
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Finn is getting older and luckily need less attention than the first weeks. Still more than a grownup, but I love training him. He gives back so much love and Kayuh is enjoying the company very much. My written- educational work is very busy at the moment (all my collegues seem to be on vacation and the students have time to send in all assignments) and I got big commissions at the same time. 

Very happy with that, a little dream come true! I think I will be busy for a while and when the clients are satisfied of my current (big) commission, there will be more. I am working out a schedule right now to stay in balance and have enough time to draw for myself. Not there yet ;-).

And... how are you?
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Sol-Caninus| General Artist
Time to draw for yourself?  LOL.  This is one thing most pros I know dream of and rarely get.  It's a problem since they tend only do the things they already know how to do (people don't pay to have one experiment).  So, yes; scheduling time to do it is a good idea, if you can stick to the schedule . . . well, before one can stick to it, she has to actually start.  

I am happy to hear that Kayuh continues to enjoy and active life with both of you and her new friend.  

Me?  Riding the rollercoaster of life.  It's full of ups and downs that sometimes, somehow, come both at the same time.  Haha. 

Monday I was first on scene at a terrible accident in which a motorcycle and a car met in an offset head-on collision.  We stabilized the victim and secured the scene until State Police and medical professionals arrived.  It is a rural location so we waited a long time.  Everyone worked together without any arguments or leadership squabbles.  Each took charge to the limit of his/her competence, then deferred to another when the issue went beyond that.  I felt like a bee in a hive, experiencing how a group comes together as a unit.  We were like jazz musicians meeting for the first time, taking out our instruments and starting to play.  No confusion, no anxiety, no conflict, no egos - just a sensitive give and take resulting in a seamless and ultimately successful performance.  I've never experienced that before.  
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Still struggling with my time, hence my late answer. Real life always comes first.

That sounds like a very intense experience. That feeling of working together in harmony is very special. It gives hope.
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AngelofWolfs|Student Interface Designer
thanks for the Llama

You have amazings works 

Llama Emoji-60 (Snug or Hug) [V3]  
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You are welcome! Thank you so much for your kind words Heart 
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jolabrodnica| Traditional Artist
Thank you for the fav :+fav:! :heart:
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