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PS - Recoloring Tutorial

A tutorial showing how to recolor an image using selections and variations

If you have questions, please feel free to comment or note me.

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thanks for sharing. I will try on my own portrait images… ;)
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couldn't u just select the hair , use select>refine edge" then create a new layer using "output" then use : level , hue/saturation, vibration, variants and other color setting to change just the hair , it would be easier i guess O.o , o and thanx for the tutorial ^^
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Quite likely, but I taught myself, so that's what I do. I might give your way a try when I'm busting out photoshop next
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Ah, I'm using Elements 9, and I can't find the variations in the Adjustments...
Help pleaase?
Thank you!
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I dont think Elements has that as an option - sorry
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It's ok, and thanks :D
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I love this! It was so easy to follow! Thanks!
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Awesome, thanks! I know its not exactly the "correct" way to do it, but that comes with a lot of practice and photoshop time.
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Two things for improvment:

1. Using the Black and White Adjustment Layer is a far superior way to convert an image to black and white, as it won't degrade the image quality.
2. Placing all the new colored parts on their own separate layers, and then setting to the blend style "color" will be less destructive and over produce a better quality image. :)
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Hmmm, i'll have to give it a try - I still dont know nearly enough about Photoshop and have stumbled into things to get the result I want - thanks for the constructive critique!
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always happy to help! :aww:
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Your wonderfultutorial has been featured here.[link]

Thank you for providing the gallery with such awesome Resources.:heart:
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No, thank you for taking the time to look at it and then pass it on!
znow-white's avatar
Nothing but a pleasure :heart:
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Okay, thanks! Wow...I loved that! It was so informative, but I'll probably suck still even if I do use this...XD
assimilated's avatar
I seriously sucked when I first started - it looked like I had tried to colour a photo with a house painting brush and some strong water colours.
Practice your selections, and the better they are, the better the colouring can be.
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Ugh...I can't see the full size...everytime I click it to see the full size, it says that that address doesn't exist....
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this is hawt, love you 4 it :heart: :+fav:
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wow :wow: i never knew you could do that and have it come out so clean and seemless! :clap: i also didnt know that it would come out differently based on which bw conversion method you use... really helpful and important stuff here! Great job! =D
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Thanks - the art is really in the selections - if you take time and are careful, then it works out like it was a coloured photo, not a recolored image
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