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FanArt for the awesome Wolv!!! I finished this like 3 days ago but I was waiting for him to stream :p

Only BoI related stuff cause I'm kinda new to his Minecraft series, so I watch more of his Isaac livestreams :) I tried to add all his "memes" in the game, ofc I missed some but I think I did the ones he uses the most c:


Art (c) meeee
Wolv21 (c) himself
Binding of Isaac (c) EdmundM
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cool i like wolv21 ^^
firetruck74's avatar
and that's isacc in a nutshell
69MoonBright69's avatar
You drew probably the cutest poop ever there! :la:
Guppy came back to live!
Meat boy! Dr. Fetus! Loki! Greed! Gish! Beggar! Eternal heart!
*explodes from excitment*
Assechan's avatar
poop can be cute? xD hehe glad you like it :)
ThornHeartZero's avatar
Awesome! That's so coooooooool!!! :D Everything is drawn so awesomely!! :D
Assechan's avatar
thank you so much Thoooorn :D
DarkDarrenA's avatar
Knew you'd give into my fandom. Heheh nice drawing!
So many Isaac memes *0*
Better drawing than I've done recently! :3
You've got my approval by one billion sparklezzzz.
Assechan's avatar
hehe thank you rbo :D

yay sparklez *3*
DarkDarrenA's avatar
No probes rbo.

And all the sparklezzzz.
DoodleWill's avatar
Binding of isaac is a awesome game. C:

Eve is my fave.
Assechan's avatar
indeed! I like all characters :)
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