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Motivation - Or not.

By AssClownFish
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I feel like every time I have a good idea the monster that is motivation just decides to take a vacation. I honestly think they're inversely proportional. You don't have an idea, you have motivation. :icongrumpplz:

It's only a rare stroke of luck when I have both. Psh.

New Template Used.


3000 favs in less than 7 hours. All I can say is:

But thank you for the support anyway. I'm sure we all have our motivational meltdowns. I just didn't expect everyone to really...see this so quickly :'D
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I feel like this stamp is long overdue. It is straight, to the point, and definitely relatable. I could definitely see other deviants using this stamp since it is easy to follow.

One gripe I do have though is the glitter. I feel it is a little unnecessary. The stamp has enough to stand out on its own without the use of glitter. I feel the color choice is fine, though red would make the stamp stand out more (in a good way).

I gave three stars for originality, since anyone with some knowledge of a photo manipulating program could have made this stamp. However, some merit is awarded for the message itself, and for the fact the stamp was made in the first place.

Keep up the good work, and continue making stamps.
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I have been having that a lot lately, heck I am dealing with this right now. I have three really great ides but I can't get to drawing.
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:iconvergilplz:: “Where’s your motivation?” 

I apologize, couldn’t resist.
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It's even worse when you all ready work a full time job and you feel so drained every time you come home that on your days off all you want to do is sleep...
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Pretty relateable, same goes with watching movies and TV. You want to do it, but don't have the motivation.
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Now THIS is me in a nutshell lol
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Actually I found out, that the best killer for lack of motivation is...


No, seriously, eventually you'll be bored out of your ass that you'll go "Eh, guess I'll draw a bit." and before you know it, the artwork is complete!
But then again if it ain't artwork, there'll be other hobby you'll approach the same way, like... learning new language? Exercise? 

Boredom gets to you, one way or another. The last thing a human wants, is lack of goals in his life.
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This is my current problem.
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That has a good point, but how do you give yourself motivation to finish your ideas?
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I make thumbnails now
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can't tell you how many times i've been guilty of this.
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We can allll relate >_>
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Happens to me all the time!
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My life in a sentence. Literally the story of my life.
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I feel your pain. Ugh. I have ideas, but no motivation as well.
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Happens to me all the time.

I have tons of ideas for pictures I'd like to draw, but I keep procrastinating.
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what is this :poo: you ask? i tellya: so many of us are lazy as f* procrastinators XD ~

i planned to do one myself cuz it is so me, no pc tho atm. saw yours, wanted this for my profile... but the other stamps are darker and it's so bright, i'm a bit ocd like that i guess. if you ever made a blackish one...
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I have this so many times.
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I relate to this because I have so many ideas for fanfictions, but not all of them get written. 
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