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It's a little off with the animation, but FEH. I finally did this one that's been in my mind for a long time.

This applies to me and anyone else who is completely secure in themselves. [though my heart ekg is no where near as nice and normal as that XD]

Oh well. I think this is one of my better ones. That could just be me though.
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Hey, man, dogs and dolphins (and something else, but I don't remember what) practice it--why the hell shouldn't people be able to, right? Seriously, though, this is pretty clever, and you make a good point. :)
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:heart: Got that right! 

I wonder why so many people are homophobic. Someday they'll see that we're human beings, too. Don't animals have the ability to be homosexual, too? If so many are, then who's the unnatural one, now? If they go by the quote in the Bible ("Marriage is between man and a woman"), then they REALLY need to go by something more than that. Homosexuality isn't a sin, otherwise God wouldn't allow it in nature itself! (Sorry to those who aren't religious ^^; In other words, the entity of nature wouldn't allow it)

I am not ashamed to admit it, and neither is my mate. And we're both Christians, which people seem to think that you'll go to hell if you're lesbian, especially if Christian/Catholic/Jewish/etc. Which isn't true. What they're basically saying is that it's a sin to love. Love is actually genderless; it's the entity that is so powerful, it is without a gender. Which means that, if a being is either technically male, or female (by physical means), it would not matter whatsoever if they choose to love the opposite sex, or the same sex. Think of this like.. You have a gender, but your heart, metamorphically, doesn't. Love whoever you want and be happy with that person!

Now there's the subject of "gay is a choice".. It actually can be. I chose to be lesbian, because I had troubles with guys... I know, 13 sounds young to love, by the trends and "normalities". But I came to realize that one of the random girls on a game would become my very closest friend. 
But then there's also the theory of someone actually being born this way. Some choose, others dont, it's their natural state of being. Don't like it? Get over it.

Will people actually go as far as raping and murdering homosexuals just to get their so-called "point across our heads" that it is "wrong"?
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I wish there was a like button for comments on DA. ;w;
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I would have never pinned you as 13, if you hadn't told me that. And it certainly doesn't invalidate any choices you make for what makes you happy. If anyone tells you that, then they're just not worth your time anyway. You honestly sound more mature than I do most of the time haha. 

And you know, I've honestly yet to find a single person who can tell me where in the bible it clearly says "you're going to hell for homosexuality" IN that context. Generally speaking, much of the quotes used are beaten apart until they're unrecognizable from what their purpose is. I'm not religious, so I'm not gonna pretend I know the bible, but it's pretty sad when I do know certain parts more than some of these people. As I feel, what goes on in someone's bed shouldn't be anyone else's business anyway. I, myself, am a polyamorist. I have both a girlfriend and a boyfriend and for some reason I get a lot of smack for that. But different strokes for different folks and hopefully, one day, people will learn to keep their intolerances to themselves. 

Though, I'm not holding my breath. 
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Aah ^^; Most say Im much more mature than what my age says, though I can be quite silly myself.

As for the bible, I am technically Christian, but I dont go entirely by those beliefs. Im not too religious, but its still in there (my beliefs are more centered on the entity of the mind; the use of the third eye). So I dont know much from the book ^^;;

As for your dual-relationship, I think its just fine as long as there's no conflict c:
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wow '-'

Nice one.
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Hey, can you make me a body pixel thing? Idk what I want it to be...
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I need information on homosexual tell me all you can , I would like to understand you evil! Evil *cough* sorry , *takes off catholic priest robes* hahahah I would like to know though. I'm ignorant ,make me non.
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This is awesome ^^
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Best metaphor I've seen in quite a while. Kudos!
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I loooooooooooooooooooooooooooove this!!!! Great quote!
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Just as long as you don't die anytime soon. Dead people aren't very good conversationalists. >:
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I loves the stamp :iconyaysealandplz:
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:clap: I love this! Did you come up with this quote yourself? You should put that on a shirt~ I'd buy it :meow:
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Wow, this one's really nicely done!
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