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I have posted all present chapters of 'Intercept', a reader insert set in the third crusade Jerusalem of Assassin's Creed. Also, I have posted the first seven chapters of a crossover fan fiction that I am writing based off both Assassin's Creed: Syndicate and White Wolf's old World of Darkness games titled 'Opus of the Devi-sura. Since both of these are my first attempts at writing fan fiction, I would appreciate any comments that you would like to share. Please take the time to read both and let me know what you think.
Hello. I have to ask you - I ask you to listen to me and help!………

I myself tried to repaint, but that's when my repainting at Juno helmet why that was lighter in the middle (light in a program not played probably blame specular MAP) :(

That's what I wanted it to do:……

Juno is necessary to repaint (under version ACB), her armor and helmet hair blue - is this normal?

X-N-A version:…

Repaint textures and adjust bump and specular MAP - and all will yum :)

Here it XNALara model:…

Textures converted to PNG - with you only her painting under version ACB - so I'll point out your name, unless you want to help me?

Waiting for your help!

Translation by: Google
I just drew something cool about assassins creed everyone :3

would you like this for your group?
Sure, feel free to submit it :)
You should be able to if you're a member
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