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Basically for fans off all the Assassin's Creed games, i.e. I, II and II. This is also the place if you're a fan of the comics, or novels too. So whether you just love the characters, or love everything about the series feel free to join.
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The rules for the group are pretty lax, but that doesn't mean they aren't a few to adhere too.

:bulletblue: Submissions are limited to 7 per folder per day, as I doubt anyone has that many things to submit.
:bulletblue: If in doubt what folder your work belongs in feel free to ask me, don't worry this happens to me all the time with other groups.
:bulletblue: Yaoi/Yuri/18+ is fine, but please do your best to mark mature if mature as not everyone likes to look at it.
:bulletblue: Be tolerant of everyone's work. Not everyone has unbelievable skill, but that doesn't mean that they won't have if they keep trying. So please, be nice to everyone's art.
:bulletblue: Overall just have fun!

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Combined faces of male game characters by Taitiii
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May the Father of Understanding Guide Us by thingamajik
The Continuing Story Of Ezio Auditore/ Cosplay WIP by KADArt-Cosplay
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Alexios/Ezio fan art by Shaya-Fury
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Adam Craig by Taitiii
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Assassins Creed Fan Art Inktober Day 1 by Shaya-Fury
DWOAH: Bayek vs Kan-RaDeadliest warriors of all historyBayek vs Kan-RaFight like an Egyptian Bayek of Siwa info:Height: 5 foot 8Weight: 184lbsWeapons: Bare Hands, Hidden Blade, Hepzefas Sword, Cyrenes Spear, Jackal’s Gaze, Fire Bombs, Compendium ShieldStrengths: Was one of the first official Assassins in history and with his wife founded the Hidden Ones which would eventually become the Assassin Brotherhood, Near superhuman strength (As one of the earliest Assassin’s Bayek has a higher percentage of Isu DNA in his body granting him above human strength, Easily out strengths and overpowers most other humans, Can wrestle with animals such as Lions and Crocodiles, Is strong enough to stop a charging Hippo, Out strengthed the Hoplite who could break chains with minimal effort), Near superhuman durability (As one of the earliest Assassin’s Bayek has a higher percentage of Isu DNA in his body granting him above human durability, Can shrug off being shot with Arrows, Can survive being mauled by some of Egypts most dangerous animals), Supersonic speeds/Hypersonic reactions (As one of the earliest Assassin’s Bayek has a higher percentage of Isu DNA in his body granting him above human speed, Can react to and dodge attacks composed of light, Can dodge Arrows with ease), Is extremely skilled in all forms of combat known during his time, Possesses an almost symbiotic relationship with his Hawk Senu and can see through her eyes, Can harm and defeat aspects of the Egyptian Pantheon in combat.Weaknesses: Despite his Isu blood putting him above natural humans Bayek is still as mortal as any man, Suffers a strong phobia of Snakes and loses focus around them.Kan-Ra info: Height: 5 foot 11Weight: 103lbsWeapons: Bare Hands, Magic Strengths: Once the advisor to an ancient Babylonian King Kan-Ra was cursed and exiled after his plan to assassinate the King failed, Superhuman strength (Can harm the rest of the Killer Instinct roster, Can lift the likes of Aganos, Can send other Fighters flying several feet in the air with light hits), Superhuman durability (Can tank blows from the rest of the Killer Instinct roster, Survived a hit from Aganos that sent him flying over a mile away), Hypersonic speeds (Can keep up with the rest of the Killer Instinct roster), Is an extremely powerful Mage (Can manipulate Sand offensively with his Magic, Can manipulate his bandages to use them as Weapons, Can create illusions of his own image, Can teleport via Magic, Can teleport via Magic), Those who come into possession of his Daggers fall under his control, Is technically immortal as the Babylonian King cursed him to wander Earth for eternity.Weaknesses: Despite being immortal in the long run Kan-Ra can be temporarily killed which will count as a loss.Battle begin!“Snakes, why did it have to be Snakes?” Bayek shuddered as he watched another accursed Serpent just within the reach of his torches light, the Medjay having been requested to investigate strange happenings in a thought to be abandoned Tomb after several farmers had gone missing within the area of it.After Senu confirmed the strange activity via an aerial search the Medjay had spent the last hour searching through the winding tunnels and corridors of the Tomb searching for its epicentre were the unnatural sounds were emanating from.“By the Gods…” Bayek then gasped as he reached his target and was rewarded with the horrific sight within, an emaciated mummified man standing in the centre of the missing farmers seemingly draining them of their life force in an unholy ritual “you! Stop this at once!” he called out, his duty as a Medjay and Hidden One overriding his common sense in surveying the situation further.At the sound of Bayek’s voice the ritual ended, the farmers falling to the ground dead as the Mummy slowly turned around to face the Medjay “a visitor?” Kan-Ra hissed as he turned, his long rotten features twisting into a hideous grin “so strong and full of vigour, you will make a fine specimen” he sneered as the bandages that bound his body starting to move and shift like Serpents from his arms.As the Mummy started to advance on him Bayek threw down his torch and drew his Hepzefas Sword, the Blade igniting upon him drawn to act as both a torch and a Weapon as he also donned his Shield readying himself for combat.Making the first move Kan-Ra lashed his arms forward sending the bandages that bound them whipping forward through the air, lashing and striking out like Whips to which Bayek slashed at them with his Sword, cutting through them and incinerating the separated ends of them before the bandages of his other arm managed to latch around Bayek’s Shield arm as he raised it to try to block the bandages.With the Medjay’s arm bound Kan-Ra then rapidly retracted his bandages, dragging Bayek to him to deliver a crushing kick to the Assassins’ jaw, lifting him off of his feet with the hit before striking him back to the ground with a blast of Sand.Quickly rolling as he hit the ground Bayek lashed out with his Sword to cut through another blast of sand from the Mummy “Monster! I will cut you down!” the Medjay proclaimed as he then charged at Kan-Ra swinging his Shield to deflect another blast of sand as he quickly closed the distance between them.Lunging forward aiming to run the Mummy straight through the chest with his Flaming Sword Bayek was stopped as Kan-Ra suddenly swept his arms downward causing sand to erupt from the ground to envelop them both, making both of them disappear as the sand then fell and settled.Seconds later outside of the Tomb the sands began to billow upwards in a large ‘dust devil’ formation as Kan-Ra and Bayek reappeared from it, Bayek being thrown several metres from it as Kan-Ra levitated via the sand twister.Landing hard on his back Bayek swapped his Sword for his Bow, firing several Arrows at Kan-Ra which the Mummy blocked with the sand twister, the Arrows being whipped out of the air and sent scattering to the winds as Bayek then ignited his next Arrow, the impact of it against the sand twister causing a small explosion knocking Kan-Ra off balance and leaving him open for the next Arrow that struck him in the chest.Because of his Undead nature however Kan-Ra was merely annoyed by the Arrow to his unbeating heart, the Mummy tearing the Arrow out of his chest and sneering at Bayek who had swapped to his Cyrene’s Spear having run out of Arrows.Readying the Spear Bayek charged full sprint at Kan-Ra who sent waves of biting sand at the Medjay, Bayek fighting through the pain of it cutting across and searing his skin as he lunged at Kan-Ra with his Spear, thrusting it forward to ram it through the Mummy’s midsection before wrenching it back out.Twirling the Spear Bayek made sharp sweeping slashes with it, cutting across Kan-Ra’s body over and over before the Mummy struck back with another blast of sand forcing the Assassin back.COMBO BREAKER!As Bayek stumbled back Kan-Ra went on the attack with a series of kicks and punches, each blow feeling like he was being struck by a Hippo’s charge, bruising his muscles and shaking his bones before he was repeatedly knocked into the air by spires of sand summoned by Kan-Ra sending him crashing back several dozen metres.MONSTER COMBO!!!Groaning as he picked himself up Bayek then flinched as Kan-Ra then seemingly split into a dozen Clones, the Assassin rising and quickly sweeping his Spear around as the Clones rushed him only to find that his Weapon passed straight through them whilst they passed through him, all save for one turning out to be a mere illusion as Kan-Ra struck him from behind.Swinging around to try to hit the Mummy Bayek’s Spear only met another illusion as the process repeated again and again, slowly beating the Medjay down leaving him on his knees using his Spear to support himself, Bayek panting in pain and exertion whilst Kan-Ra’s illusion spiralled around him cackling menacingly.As the Mummy prepared to strike again the sound of an Eagles cry echoed through the sky as Senu soared above, her eyes widening as she took in the scene below whilst hers and Bayek’s ‘link’ came into effect, the Eagle showing her Master everything she could see.Including the real Kan-Ra.With his target confirmed Bayek surged forward with a battlecry, taking the Mummy off guard as he swiftly speared Kan-Ra through the stomach lifting him off of his feet as his illusions faded away, continuing his charge as he lifted Kan-Ra up Bayek rammed him straight into the outside wall of the Tomb with enough force to embed the Spear into it impaling Kan-Ra in place.With Kan-Ra pinned in place Bayek released the Spear and started raining punches down upon the Mummy’s face and torso, striking at him until his Knuckles were bloody before suddenly grabbing at his throat with his left hand, Kan-Ra simply sneering at him to show that his attacks were barely phasing him before suddenly the Hidden Blade shot out to impale him through the jaw and into his head.As the Blade tore through his skull Kan-Ra finally let out a cry of pain as Bayek tore the Blade out and jumped back, throwing a Fire Bomb at the Mummy who promptly went up in flames as the Bomb exploded against his dry bandage covered body.As Kan-Ra thrashed and struggled against the Spear and flames Bayek redrew his Sword and went back on the attack before the Mummy could teleport away, slashing and carving into Kan-Ra’s crumbling body with enough speed and grace to cause streams of Flame to arc through the air before the Medjay made one final slice at Kan-Ra’s neck line.As the Sword carved through his neck Kan-Ra’s head came flying off of his body as it crumbled away to the flames, his head landing a few metres away cursing Bayek’s name and entire bloodline before it too crumbled to dust, the wind carrying the ashes away cursing the Mummy to death until by some miracle his ashes found each other again to allow him to reform.Panting heavily as he sheathed his Sword Bayek then raised his arm for Senu to land on, the Medjay praising his Eagle before turning to inform the villager who had called for his aid that the evil plaguing the Tomb had been destroyed.Winner: Bayek of SiwaWait…is Kan-Ra even Egyptian?Anyway, why does Bayek defeat Kan-Ra?Well as one of the earliest Assassin’s chronologically Bayek has one of the highest concentrations of Isu DNA in his body making him borderline superhuman in near every category but in comparison so is Kan-Ra.What gives Bayek the edge in my opinion however is the fact that he was able to challenge and defeat aspects of the Gods themselves e.g. Anubis and Sobek and whilst Kan-Ra is no weakling being able to harm the likes of Gargos he has never taken on or beaten anyone of true Godlike power giving Bayek the needed edge in this fight.
Contest 1
Assassins Creed IV Black Flag
Edward James Kenway by JUMBOLA
Assassins Creed Unity
Arno Victor Dorian by Un-zoon
Assassins Creed Rogue
nOT SO clever... by DarthDestruktor
Assassins Creed Syndicate
AssassinsCreed Fan Art Inktober Day 25- Sindicate  by Shaya-Fury



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