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Kairi Gemston
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Published: March 18, 2019
"When people hear of how one gives up their humanity for power, they assumes they're a monster. If giving up my humanity to help people makes me a monster, well then, just call me a nightmare."

NAME: Kairi Gemston
NICKNAME(s): Bright Girl, Golden Girl, Divine Dragon Empress, Female Apollo, The Girl Who Kills
Zodiac: Leo
SEX: Female
RACE: Human (former)
          Dragon (current)(Dragon Empress/Alpha race)
AGE: 19
HEIGHT:  170.18 cm (human form)
                38 meters (dragon form)
HAIR COLOR: Blonde with white tips
VOICE ACTOR: Elizabeth Maxwell 

RELATIVES: Charon Gemston (father)
                    Thora Gemston (Mother)
                    Azazel and Haytham Gemston (brothers)
                    Lilly Gemston (little sister)

LOVES: Sweets, jewelry, and her family
LIKES: Bad boys, any style that suits her, fruit
HATES: People threatening her family

PERSONALITY: Stubborn-gentle-quick to anger-caring-smart-playful

Kairi Gemston is a girl who does whatever she likes with a cool and playful attitude, but gets serious when she needs to. She mostly tries to find excitement wherever she goes, hoping everything won't be boring. Despite this delinquent attitude, she still does well in school and takes her studies seriously. However, it's best to be on her good side, getting on her bad side might result in broken bones


Kairi was born the second child of Dark Lord Charon Gemston and Wizard Saint potential Thora Gemston (maiden-name: Aindra). She grew up with her older brother Azazel Gemston, spending most of her time outside in the sun. Kairi was interested by how her parents were in their primes and skills; Charon being a master of the dragon, devil and god slayer fire elements, and her Thora with the same magics but for ice. When getting around 11, Kairi and her brothers began learning their own magics. Azazel took the devil slayer aspect, but learned with fire and lightning elementals, giving him the nickname Firestorm. Her little brother Haytham eventually learned god slayer magic, but with ice and wind elementals, taking on the nickname Blizzard. Kairi wanted something different, her brothers' elements were similar to their parents, she was going for something more unique. It wall hit her when just relaxing in the sun; Kairi became a sun dragon slayer. Given the limited methods of becoming a dragon slayer, Kairi settled for the second generation style, taking on her nickname Nova. 

As the three grew up, they played games on which magic was better, depending on the environment, Kairi won some and ended most in a draw with either brothers. The three would go on many jobs together for their Father's family guild Titan's Throne, with jobs ranging from mercenary to simple take out jobs. Most of the requests came from their uncle's empire of Minstrel, but being related to the imperial family had perks. When Kairi was 18, she and her brothers were soon mixed up with their cousins and their friends in taking on Theson, the son of Acnologia and introduced himself as something called the Beast Dragon Emperor. During that time, she hung out with this young man named Liam Lothric, a smooth ladies-man who knows when to get serious. Kairi was furious when she found out Liam had a girlfriend while hitting on her but over time Liam grew on her, after all she preferred the bad boy than the well mannered gentleman. 

Some time past until Kairi was dragged into another operation involving the son of Acnologia, but unlike last time, Theson had friends, the new Fire Dragon Emperor and Earth Dragon Empress, Surtr and Pieck, respectively. It was at that time that she and her friends nearly lost their lives and were revealed a hidden plan, the rise of the old dragon emperors, who were killed by Acnologia hundreds of years ago, and the rise of the dragon rise, with humanity's extermination. Theson and Pieck were killed; Theson thanks to her cousin Issa, although he was turned into a vampiric dragon due to the latter; and Pieck due to Liam, although it was for the best, setting the poor souls free and making sure the Earth Emperor wouldn't fall back into enemy hands. Little did they know that by killing Pieck, they set more than one person free. 

After the island, she got caught in with a war for the freedom of nonhumans against the nation of Joya. In Joya, they learned of another new Dragon Emperor, Luken, the Heavenly Dragon Emperor, but learned of an ally, the Water Dragon Emperor who survived Acnologia's genocide, Oceanus. Luken gave himself up, tired of being someone's tool and just wanted revenge on Joya since he was a former slave. He revealed the true enemy, Kronan, left Ishgar to the birthplace of all dragon kind, Rhea, a continent south west of Ishgar. It was at that meeting that Kairi learned the origins of dragon kind, and how the Dragon Emperors were originally leaders, peacekeepers of the many growing dragon clans and races, making sure Enkidu's descendants survive and get along, a way for the mother to be with her children after death. Moved, Kairi now understood them better than some weapons. However, Luken requested Kairi becomes the next Heavenly Dragon Emperor. 

Given what happened over the course of time, many didn't trust what would happen to Kairi, believing she'd be corrupted and Luken should have been killed on the spot. However, Kairi explained that it's not the power that was evil, but the people who used it. She used Oceanus as an example, for her was still one of their kind, but still sided with humans. Even her cousin Issa, who became the new Beast Dragon Emperor after taking in Theson's blood, still sided with humanity and didn't turn on his friends. She wasn't taking the mantle because she was asked to, but because she wanted to, saying that Luken owed her and claiming she could do it better. Kairi had new goals: restore the good name of the alphas, find the Wind Dragon Emperor in Rhea and stop Kronan from bringing humanity's end. However, to do so, she drank Luken's dragon blood, killed the former slave when transforming into her new species, and sacrificed her humanity to become the new Heavenly Dragon Empress.


Heavenly Dragon Empress physiology-Kairi's new abilities lie as the new Dragon Empress, one of a few alphas in the dragon race, meaning she has the abilities of several dragons that fall into the divine theme in the dragon race, element wise, and also gained enhanced senses, including the ability to shift from her human form, dragonoid form and her new true form as a dragoness. While Kairi has more elements at her disposal, she's so far used only two
  • Memory Inheritance- The blood of the Dragon Emperors allows holders of the mantle to see the memories of previous Emperors before them, including the memories of the first dragon, Enkidu.

  • Spiritual Summon-Not only can Kairi access the memories of previous emperors, but summon their spirits due to Enkidu being reborn after her death, as such, the blood of the Dragon Emperors hold a strong spiritual connection. By summoning previous holders' spirits, it's mostly used as a means of guidance 

  • Enhanced Strength- Despite her human appearance, Kairi is technically a dragon now after drinking dragon blood. Her strength as a dragon slayer increased immensely to the point of shattering a metal wall with a simple punch. 

  • Enhanced Durability-Despite being able to take on a great deal of damage in her previous human state, now she's able to take on more powerful attacks like a dragon slayer in Dragon Force and several fourth gen dragon slayers.

  • Enhanced Agility- Given her training as a dragon slayer, Kairi had become incredibly swift and flexible, able to out maneuver various attacks

  • Elemental Scales- Should Kairi need to add more elemental damage or resistance, she can change the scales on her body to correspond to the element she chooses. 

  • Immense Magic Power- Kairi holds vast reserves of Magic Power, capable of doing ten advanced spells in a row. Her reserves are able to let her use many of her magic skills for a long amount of time.

  • Enkidu Force- An ability given to the Dragon Emperors, Kairi enters a state which her elemental attacks are combined into practically pure energy. Her attacks are increased in power tenfold; in this state, her breath attack is on par, or perhaps rivals Acnologia's own breath attack. Kairi can only be in this state for a short window of time, longest is about 15 minutes since it is a massive drain of magic power. 

  • Dragon Birth-Stemming from the legend of Enkidu giving birth to the dragon race on her own, Dragon Emperors are capable of creating dragons or dragon-like beings from her own power, but their skills and abilities varies on which element their body adapts to. However, the are two outcomes: one, her creations accept this new found power and can keep their sanity; or two, the being tries defying the power inside them, resulting in unruly and wild creatures who can be controlled only by Kairi's will. The process happens in two ways, either by taking in Kairi's dragon blood or have her magic energy form an artificial magic origin. However, should one resist against the dragonfication, Kairi can negate the foreign magic with her own, restoring the body to normal. 

  • Enkidu's Voice-With the mother of all dragons as part of the Dragon Emperors, Kairi is able to use a special supremacy magic over dragons she created or related to her elemental realms. It is described as following "a mother's wish". 

  • Unison Enhancement- A powerful and highly consumable technique elemental Dragon Emperors use by combining two of their elements together for extra damage and effect. Drawback is by adding another element, and depending on the spell, it will drain Kairi's magic reserves faster. 

Lightning Dragon Magic- One of Kairi's elements she's capable of mastering and utilizing lightning dragon magic, able to devour the element to replenish her magic reserves 
  • Lightning Roar- A powerful breath attack utilizing a concentrated, destructive blast of lightning, capable of destroying everything in a wide area in front of her. The special effect of this attack, aside from the high damage it causes, is that, even if the target survives, the lightning paralyzes them to a degree, leaving them numb and preventing them from escaping Kairi's following attack

  • Lightning Body-  Kairi is capable of transforming her own body into electricity, turning herself into a lightning bolt, whose size can vary from mere, fast-moving sparks to large pillars of lightning. Together with the signature intangibility of Elemental Magic, which allows Kairi to let physical and magical attacks pass harmlessly through her body when she's transformed, this form also grants her some traits typical of real lightning. 

  • Lightning Dragon's Heavenward Halberd- Kairi raises both of her hands in the air at her sides and generates electricity between their open, facing palms. This is rapidly shaped into the form of a massive spear composed of lightning, which Kairi proceeds to hurl at the enemy

  • Raging Bolt- Kairi raises her clenched fist in the air and chants the incantation; a large bolt of lightning will then descend upon the target from the air, possibly completely vaporizing them with a strong blast of lightning

  • Thunder Impact- Kairi focuses lightning on her arms and legs like gauntlets for a powerful, explosive punch 

Sun Dragon Magic- Kairi's most comfortable element, given how she use to be a second gen dragon slayer, allows her to utilize the element of light to offense or defense, this form is much similar to Sting Eucliffe's dragon slayer magic, but this allows her to devour light based attacks. As the sun rises, Kairi increases more in this field of magic, until noon when she becomes basically invincible for about one minute. The only weakness is that the effects of this magic decrease as the sun sets, making her spells weaker at night.
  • Sun's Breath- A breath attack using highly concentrated light that causes major damage when coming into contact.

  • Dragon Nova- A golden light gathers around Kairi's body, it condenses before creating a powerful explosion, able to blow away or wipe out anything within twenty feet

  • Holy Rain- Kairi first joins the open palms of her hands together, with all the fingers on one hand in contact with the corresponding ones on the other hand, and then separates her palms while keeping the fingers in contact through their tips. Light is generated in the hollow part between her hands, expanding from the holes between Kairi's fingers. At this point, the Empress completely separates her hands, extending them horizontally at her body's sides as the light he generated takes the form of a large sphere, from which a number of golden rays are fired towards the target(s), leaving their starting point in a curved trajectory to strike them. Foes are thus bombarded by a barrage of beams which inflict heavy damage, striking them in rapid succession

  • Dragon Sun- Kairi gathers immense light energy in her hands to form a medium sized sphere of the element and launches it at her target at high speed. Kairi can also decided on when it goes off with a simple snap of her fingers, but the result of the explosion is a blinding light that burns anything in contact 

  • Sun Strike- When Kairi smashes the ground, immense light energy from the sky/sun comes down at high speed and creates a powerful explosion

  • Harsh Temperature Resistance- Kairi has a high degree of resistance to heat or cold given how her body can give off heat while in this state. However, this is inferior to the heat resistance to the Flame Dragon Emperor or the cold resilience of the Water Dragon Emperor. 
Transformation Magic-Kairi can switch between her human form and new dragon form. Her dragon form is larger than any other dragon, said to be about 38 meters tall. Physical features of her form include dark gold colored scales with silver, lightning shaped markings along her body, two horns on the side of her head, and two large wings that shin like a miniature sun. 

  • Dragon Spear Ouranos-Kairi's new weapon that allows her to control her powers, a long golden spear with a dragon's head at the end looking like it's shooting out a large lightning bolt. The weapons adapts to Kairi's powers and acts as a conduit for more controlled attacks
  • Kairi's name is from the Kingdom Hearts series

  • Voice actress in mind plays Ymir in Attack on Titan

  • Kairi's hair use to be fully blonde, but the silver tips were an effect on her new dragon state

  • The Dragon Emperors are inspired by the Titan Shifters in Attack on Titan (needing to devour the previous holder to gain the mantle, transforming into a more superior creature of the race, and accessing memories of previous holders) and prodigy benders from Avatar (able to use different forms of the same element. Example water/ice, earth/metal, etc) 

  • Ironic that Kairi became a dragon since dragon slayers before her were transformed as a side effect for using too much 

  • While she uses a different form of slayer magic, Kairi and her siblings separately take on one of the three slayer magics their parents have

Kairi, her family and the Dragon Emperors belong to ME
Liam belongs to :iconbilly-cash:
Thanks to :iconnaoguiarts:
FT belongs to Hiro Mashima (sadly)
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Oh! she have a very interesting story, Im really curious about what will she do about Liam XD
And its great that she wants to use her power protect/defend people! :la:
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Yup, she wants to right some wrongs. It's a fair upgrade in power
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Yeah! Thats great! :la:

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You’re welcome
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I’m really surprised by how much of an impact Liam actually had on her
They have a lot more in common than I realised
Like Priscilla and Dandelion
You did a really great work with the bio, it was nice to see all the events of our roleplay
Though you missed the fact that Karin killed the shadow dragon emperor with Desmond
How could you not include such a memorable scene?

I also appreciate how you made her powers a lot more consistent
I didn’t know that she learned her dragon slayer magic through sheer will and determination to be on par with her father and mother
This is one of the reasons I think Kairi is your best OC
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This is KAIRI'S bio, she didn't witness that scene. Plus, he was a dragon warrior, not emperor

Now she has a power boost after going through so much. She'll be needed for Rhea.
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Very nice.  I love her bio.  
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No worries, friend!
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This is so GOOOOOD~
Icon Juvia - Fairy Tail [ #11 ] Lucy-talking-Happy 
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Thanks. What do you think of her bio?
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It's enticing and an awesome backstory! Her powers are so cool; if they had someone like Kairi in the anime, she would probably be one of my favorite characters (not sure how they would fit her in the plot, though >~<)! In all honesty, it's amazing! >w<
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Probably like Irene?? XD
Thanks for the comment on her bio
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>w< lol yeah
And no problem!
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