Back to normal!

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So after a pretty bad 2 weeks where I have almost been made homeless and had to move back in with my family for a short while I had closed the etsy store for a week. I'm glad to say that I have now officially opened up my etsy store again, normal service has been resumed and you can expect lots of new and exciting things listed there in the next few weeks…
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*big hugs* Was wondering where you were off to but didn't want to be nosy since we don't really chat!
 Hope you are safe now <3
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Thanks Ligress, ugh I feel so rubbish I've not been very chatty for ages now, stuff still isn't great but I'm doing the best I can to sort this all out!
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I wish you all the best. Hope things sort out for you soon. 
And I think new stuff is excited. :D Yay. 
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Thanks Puush! And hooray for new stuff!