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17. Blood.

Whenever he'd been around women he'd always found himself annoyed or put off by their squeamishness. They see even a little bit of blood and either throw up, or start squealing. As they stood together, taking in the beauty of Bug-World, he looked down briefly at Taz. She was still splattered with the blood and little pieces of mosquito. She hadn't even batted an eyelash about it, though he knew she'd be the first in the showers when they finished up, it was the most attractive she'd ever looked.

20. Fortitude.

Most people got it wrong.
They thought she had fortitude and was holding him together.
That she was strong and he was weak.
They were, of course, wrong.
Up had more fortitude than anyone she'd ever met. He'd held her together since she was twenty.
He was the strong one and she was weak.
And as much as she loved him, she wished it was the other way.

36. Precious.

There were three things that Taz held dearer than her own life.
Her knife, which never left her side, her hand-zapper, which few people knew she had, and her scrapbook, which not even Up could touch without risking a knife through the neck.
But if she could only keep one of the things she loved so dearly she'd never even have to think about it.
She'd pick Up over any of them.

38. Abandoned.

Deep in Robot Territory the Ensign pressed herself against the wall and tried not to breathe. She could hear the troops of Robots marching past her hideout in perfect step, searching for her. They had the sensors--- they knew the ship had left her behind. It was her own fault, she'd been too caught up, she shouldn't have let her emotions get the better of her. It'd been the right thing to do. But it was too dangerous now. They wouldn't be coming back for her. She was going to have to work her way back on her own. She'd lasted two days so far. But she was still in the same city. She needed to get out.
Suddenly there was rapid zapper fire. Taz froze and listened to the scuffle outside. It was brief. When silence fell she snuck a glance out the window above her to see what had happened. She was met with two zappers to the face. Then Up recognised her and rolled his eyes. He grabbed her by the arm and pulled her through the window. He jerked his head and set off. She followed in awed silence. Her cheeks were bright red.

41. Citric Acid.

When he got home that night the Lieutenant Commander found his young charge throwing paper balls across the room and muttering angrily to herself in Spanish. Up raised an eyebrow and cautiously approached the volatile young lady.
"What're you doin?"
Taz glared at him. "Trying to write a 'romantic short story' for my joder estúpido English class."
The man chuckled. "C'mon Taz I'm sure it's not that—"
"I have to include citric acid."
The Commander gave her a disbelieving look, and Taz raised an eyebrow as if to say 'why would I joke about it'. He ruffled her hair and went to take a shower.
"Good luck with that."
Taz returned to her paper. "Lo que en la séptima capa del infierno es romántico acerca del material!"
Many years later the two would discover what body-shots were. Taz would never change her stance that a body-shot wasn't, and never would be, romantic.

65. Horrific.

Skulls protruding through burnt flesh.
Sockets without eyes.
Intestines used to strangle their host.
People who'd been bludgeoned to death with their loved ones limbs.

They'd seen all this and far worse during the war. So they both understood. When Taz woke up screaming, or Up froze while watching a movie. They understood. They helped each other through it.
It made them stronger.

75. Mirror.

Undercover work had forced Up and Taz to see some amazing places, some frightening places...
"Why de hell is dere a mirror above de bed?"
And some very seedy places. Up coughed uncomfortably from the couch as the eighteen year old glared at the mirror above her.
"I'll tell you when you're older."

He never did. But many years later a broken down transport and a lack of cash would force them to stay at a similar hotel. Taz would open her eyes at an inopportune moment and realise why there was a mirror. She then had to talk Up out of the bathroom when he thought her sudden shout of 'oh gross!' was directed at him.

78. Drink.

He knew he took the squad out drinking more than he should. But alcohol lowered inhibitions and when they went out drinking it was the only time he got to see Taz be herself with the squad. Also, sometimes, she got clingy. She would curl up with him, hug him and once or twice she'd even kissed him. He felt guilty about it for a long time. Finally he admitted it to Specs, knowing the girl could keep a secret. Specs had given him a straight reply that sent his mind reeling.

"The Lieutenant knows all that."

90. Triangle.

"De Lieutenant fluttered her long lashes at de commander and sighed. I would love to be wid jou commander, but Junior still has a hold on my heart. I loved him like no woman has ever—what de fuck is dis!? Dis is wha' jou do wid jour spare time? Write estúpido garbage like dis abou' me?" Taz glared at February who shifted awkwardly.
"It's just a little fun Lieutenant. It's not like it hurts anyone."
Taz held her knife under the schience officer's nose. "It will if jou don't go back to jour room, and jou burn or delete every piece of mierda sin valor like dis dat jou have written. Or I will cut open jour belly and eat jour intestines for dinner. Now go."
The blonde wouldn't have moved faster if you told her there was a shoe sale on deck five that ended in half an hour. Taz rubbed the bridge of her nose. That girl was giving her a migraine. Up looked up from one of the pieces the girl had written. "Look on the bright side Taz. Imagine how much worse it would've been if February knew you actually had dated Junior."
"Cállese perra. I don' even want to t'ink about dat."
For a summary of this project & links to more chapters please follow this shiny link : [link] .

I would like to thank :iconfluffy-spindleshanks: for being my Beta reader.

Only 9 this week guys. Sorry. ^^;

17. Blood:
Okay, whenever I match the scene where Up es'plodes the mosquito brothers I imagine there's blood/guts EVERYWHERE! that's where this comes from.

20. Fortitude:
I admit, before this prompt I didn't know what fortitude meant. XD

36. Precious:
Yay, it's fun to reference my own work & stuff I haven't written yet. ^^;

41. Citric Acid:
Taz is deffinately my mouth piece in this. XD BUT COME ON!

78. Drink:
I write so much about drunk Taz, you'd think she was an alcoholic.

Starship & all related characters are property of Starkid productions.
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Ickle!Taz: Up. Up!
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Tough!Up: Why the hell not?!
Ickle!Taz: Because I'm watching me.
Tough!Up: For the love of-- go to sleep. Just ignore it.
Ickle!Taz: But I can't. I'm up there. Judging me.
Tough!Up: *Thinking* Why the hell did I have to make HER my apprentice.
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