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Frankenweenie: Confrontation +slash+
"There you are! What the hell is wrong with you?" Nassor gave a deep sigh and swivelled his chair around to face his accuser.
"Please keep your voice down Toshiaki; this is the library after all." A lesser man may have run from the glare he received. But the two had known each other for nearly nine years; and glares between them were more common than hellos, it meant very little by this point. Nassor attempted to turn back to the book he'd been reading but Toshiaki grabbed the arms of his chair and pulled him in so close that their noses were almost touching.
"Why have you been avoiding me?" he asked with a snarl in his voice "I know we usually try to spend as little time together as possible, but we've managed just fine with having to spend at least two hours a day together for the past few weeks. Do you really find my company so abhorrent that you've forgotten that we have a major English assignment due next week?" the fire in the other boy's eyes sent a shiver down Nassor's s
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Frankenweenie: Turtle
Ever since Nassor had joined their class he had been the most frightening boy in their year. But Bob had to admit that this new kid was giving him a run for his money.  There were a few key differences between the two. When Nassor looked at you; it was easy to tell you were being judged. But this Toshiaki looked at you like he was analysing you; it was unsettling. Bob had tried to talk to him, and make friends, on his first day; but he'd just given him that look until Bob had given up and walked away. At least Nassor spoke; until last week when he'd had to give a presentation you would've thought that Toshiaki was mute. Bob avoided him whenever possible. But this was hard, since the teacher had sat them next to each other; and Toshiaki had moved into the house just across the street from him. Walks to and from home were getting increasingly awkward. He tried not to give much thought to his classmate; however he'd be lying if he said that he wasn't spooked by the other boy.
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Frankenweenie: Dirt
Nanashi Yamane glared from her place at the kitchen counter
"What happened Toshiaki" she asked coldly. Her eight year old son, standing in the doorway to the kitchen, shuffled his feet guiltily
"I got into a fight with Saitou after school" he muttered. Nanashi looked him up and down; he was covered in dirt, she clicked her tongue disapprovingly
"Go wash up, we'll talk when your father gets home". She sighed as he hurried off; it seemed that her son's attitude and smart mouth made him more enemies than friends, and she was always left to clean up afterwards. She was glad that he felt confident enough to voice his opinions, but sometimes she just wished for him to come home clean at the end of the day.
Nanashi looked up from the story she was meant to be editing for tomorrow's paper, at her nine year old lying on his stomach in the living room. He was very quietly playing with his turtle as he worked on his maths homework. He seemed to be having a hard time concentrating, but was hal
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+Here to Get the Job Done+ by AssasinQueen +Here to Get the Job Done+ :iconassasinqueen:AssasinQueen 1 2 +A Quiet Moment+ by AssasinQueen +A Quiet Moment+ :iconassasinqueen:AssasinQueen 1 2 The Adventures of Femtin: Cigars of the Pharaoh by AssasinQueen The Adventures of Femtin: Cigars of the Pharaoh :iconassasinqueen:AssasinQueen 2 3 Femtin. by AssasinQueen Femtin. :iconassasinqueen:AssasinQueen 0 4
Starship: Different Stars.
Sometimes she overheard the other students muttering under their breath about the Ranger base being so close to campus. The studious complaining about how the early morning drills woke them, and the socialites moaning about Rangers clogging up the bars. But she didn't mind, the base was one of the reasons she'd picked this school. With her dorm room one of the closest to the base she welcomed the early morning drills drifting through her window; she knew first hand that Rangers had the best stories and would tell them to anyone who'd listen. With all the Rangers drifting around the small town it made her feel more at home.
She sat on her bed leaning on the sill of her opened window, the Louisiana summer air keeping her warm, and watched as a Starship lifted off in the distance and set off to the far reaches of space. Homesickness tugged at her gut. She tangled her fingers up in the chain around her neck making the dog-tags jingle together and looked up at the night sky. All her family
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Starship - True.
Five Years Old...
"Go long Mo'!" Phillip yelled, drawing back his arm to throw the football.  Moses ran as fast as he could. His young mind didn't notice Aaron and Kenan slowing down to let the young boy catch it. The little boy made the touchdown and gave a yelp of excitement. Aaron and Kenan over acted their disappointment, but came over with Phillip anyway to congratulate the youngest of the four brothers.
"I thought I told you kids, no football on the loading docks!" The boys looked up at the catwalk at the Overseer. Phillip grabbed Moses and the four boys took off laughing as the overseer continued to yell after them.
"Just wait 'till your Father hears about this! I've told you boys a thousand times! And don't think I don't know you three are meant to be in school! Your folks will hear about this! Mark my words!"
The boys spent the rest of the day in the sub-level corridors, goofing off and knicking as much sugar as they could. Moses giggled; even though there'd b
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100Prompts - Set 7.
17. Blood.
Whenever he'd been around women he'd always found himself annoyed or put off by their squeamishness. They see even a little bit of blood and either throw up, or start squealing. As they stood together, taking in the beauty of Bug-World, he looked down briefly at Taz. She was still splattered with the blood and little pieces of mosquito. She hadn't even batted an eyelash about it, though he knew she'd be the first in the showers when they finished up, it was the most attractive she'd ever looked.
20. Fortitude.
Most people got it wrong.
They thought she had fortitude and was holding him together.
That she was strong and he was weak.
They were, of course, wrong.
Up had more fortitude than anyone she'd ever met. He'd held her together since she was twenty.
He was the strong one and she was weak.
And as much as she loved him, she wished it was the other way.
36. Precious.
There were three things that Taz held dearer than her own life.
Her knife, which
:iconassasinqueen:AssasinQueen 6 24
Starship - Pickles.
"What are you doing in my bed?!"
Not something you want to wake up to first thing in the morning.
Specs was jolted out of sleep and turned to her left to see, well ask since she didn't have her glasses on, what Krayonder was on about now. Krayonder was nowhere in sight; but there was a pigeon on the bed next to her cooing softly. Specs pressed her face back into the pillow; it was too early for this. Besides, Krayonder saw it first, that made the pigeon his problem.
After an extra sixteen minutes of sleep Specs woke to find neither Krayonder nor the bird in the bedroom. She stretched and, grabbing her glasses off the bed side table, made her way to the kitchen. She yawned and put her glasses on. She blinked at the sight in their kitchen/living room. Krayonder, clad only in a pair of jeans, was facing off against the bird armed only with a broom. There was a lot of bird poop on their stuff. Specs quietly decided that they'd both need coffee after this. She watched
:iconassasinqueen:AssasinQueen 4 8
Starship - Want.
She could feel their dislike when she spoke up. Well... she could feel the Lieutenant's dislike; Specs always just gave her this blank look, like she didn't understand why she'd said that, almost like pity. She could understand that.
They were smart.
She'd seen Specs take apart that doo-hickey she carried around all the time and put it back together so it would do even more than it already did. She'd been in the Engineer's room and where there wasn't geeky stuff, there was nerdy stuff. Ideas for new mechanical stuff covered the walls around the girl's desk which was covered in little contraptions she hadn't let February touch.
The Lieutenant was, as far as February was concerned, a survival and tactical genius; she'd pulled their team through a few scrapes on alien worlds and had formulated attack strategies faster than the commander himself. She'd even heard the girl discuss books on an extremely high level, and the brief moments she'd spent in her superior's room had shown her bookca
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100Prompts - Set 6.
1. Introduction.
He knew her inside and out; better than anyone else she'd ever known. But he'd never actually met her.
Okay, technically he'd met her physically. But he'd never met her psychologically. He knew her every quirk, button and switch; but he didn't know why she worked that way.
He'd told her everything about his life, and yet she'd told him so little about hers, even when he'd been there.
Now she lay, head in his lap, with him stroking her hair and it was their honeymoon. She wanted tonight to be special. She cleared her throat and he looked down at her. He smiled.
"What is it Taz?"
She almost stopped herself. Almost. She took a deep breath and told him everything.
9. Cut.
Not all cuts leave scars. But if they're deep enough, they will. Up knew every scar on Taz's body, better than the scars on his own. But he didn't worry about those; they showed his girl could take care of herself. He worried about the scars he didn't know, the ones on her heart. Where the
:iconassasinqueen:AssasinQueen 6 32
Uncle Krayonder. by AssasinQueen Uncle Krayonder. :iconassasinqueen:AssasinQueen 1 2
Mature content
Starship - Nicknames. :iconassasinqueen:AssasinQueen 3 37
100Prompts - Set 5.
14. Smile.
It took him years of scowls, sneers, smirks, half grins and faked smiles. But when it finally happened, when she gave him an honest and sincere smile, she'd never been prettier.
30. Rain.
The squad probably thought it was crazy when she'd flipped out over Krayonder saying it was like being back on Earth, but then again they thought she was crazy so it didn't matter anyway. She sat on the window ledge of the Ranger station and watched the pink sticky liquid the locals called rain ooze its way down the window pane. She heard the door slide open and a familiar set of uneven footsteps make their way into the room. She didn't look at him but felt him put a hand on her shoulder.
"I miss it Up." He sighed. She let him lift her up like a child and set her back down in his lap. He wrapped his arms around her.
"I know Taz. I know."
32. Night.
During the day they were faked. They were expected to be Commander and Lieutenant. He was the soft one and she was
:iconassasinqueen:AssasinQueen 4 14
Currently my Deviations are mostly fanfiction/fanart for 'Starship', but if you go far enough back there is some ramblings about my own characters and stories. Thanks for stopping by. ~<3


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