Monkey back! These last days of absence explained

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So sorry folks for the last days!
The great internet loss happened, but I've returned... alive... thanks to Applejack helping me through these days!
So what basically happened is a total loss of internet, for which this journal is. To explain on the events.

I have returned basically. Finally after days disconnected from the world.

Story time

Nothing really bad has happened, I'm still totally fine (as I was before the event?), it was hardware failure (which seems to happen a lot here these last months) unfortunately a piece that's quite vital.
Did break my daily livestream streak I've had going since september AND also my Saturday Livestream which I've had since the start of 2013!
That's probably what I wish didn't have to happen. It felt good keeping things going for so long already and to have it interrupted by this...

What happened was the Modem gave up, ceased working properly. Still showing power on, but not functioning at all nor responding to resets or anything. It just did not respond any more. Bad thing is this happened on Friday... The Modem is simply put "first" party hardware from the provider, so they had to... provide the new box and also activate it. This meant a replacement getting installed, which it being a Friday... you can guess... Earliest was Monday...

That call with the provider happened Friday. Once that news was in, I entered a state of utter surrender to the circumstances. Feeling at least a bit of comfort in the idea this weekend there was no new MLP:FIM episode to cover. Then again, no stream either. No stream... for too long

Good thing Applejack was still here to keep me sane through all of this. I'll fully admit I did nothing productive all that time!

I had no alternative location available to change my journal to offline, mention what was going on. It was silent everywhere. I was so wondering what was going on.
During the Saturday Time I kept wondering... who's there, what might they think, oh gosh I want to let them know! I couldn't even let anyone out there know I was ok or anything :(

Hope y'all are still doing all righty. (or lefty?)
It's kinda unfortunate these days happened, hardware failure I guess when it can happen it will. It also showed the vulnerability or fragility of internet reliance.

Anyhow, to finish this up before I make this too long, like usual.
I need to catch up with a lot of things.
So, sorry for the delay on notes replies, mails, comments and everything! I'll try to make sure to catch up and not miss anything in this sudden build up of messages hehe.
Glad it wasn't any longer than the days it lasted.

To the stream machine! (that works again)

I also owe you all double the Karaoke s to make up for lost time! :P

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Welcome back!! You were missed :]
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Yay! Welcome back Ponkey! I'll be joining your stream soon!