MLP:FIM Season 5 Episode Art Streams

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It's time for episode art again!

During MLP:FIM season 4 I did episode art with a great response I must say, they were great fun! If you missed those, you can find all my S4 creations here:
MLP:FIM Season 4 Episode Art Folder
For season 5 I'll be back again with my streams, watching the latest episodes in the form of blind reaction, followed by the creation of an episode related artwork.
These will be collected in their own gallery folder over here:
MLP:FIM Season 5 Episode Art Folder

What is the plan?

Every Saturday my plan is to stream estimated to start somewhere around 1800-1900 UTC, starting with the episode itself. That's my current planned time which may change a bit once I get a more exact schedule.
I'll also have my regular Saturday journals indicating when I'm online.
These streams will happen on my Picarto channel.

The steps I will go through during these streams:
  • Watching episode (Blind reaction watch, no spoilers!!!)
  • Quick episode recap
  • Creation of episode art and just general fun!
  • Won't stop until it's finished!

This will all happen during one single stream session. The streams can last a varying amount of time, depending on the art and/or episode.
Previously some streams lasted for more than 15 hours!

Recording & Time Lapse

I will be recording the art creation and upload them to my youtube in the form of time lapse videos.

Currently known delayed streams:

Sadly I will have to delay some Saturday streams due to convention visits!
Such a hard choice, but I don't have a lot of options, so I'll be streaming these as soon as I can.

April 11-12 (Brony-Fair Berlin)
Estimated reschedule date: April 13-14 (Monday-Tuesday)
August 8-9 (BronyCon)
Estimated reschedule date: August 12-13 (Wednesday-Thursday)

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Know where a pleb such as myself could watch the episode?