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Update 2015-07-21: Schedule prospect for July and early August is busy, with Bronycon happening.
Update 2015-01-13: tried to streamline the info a bit, with 2 sections, Basic and Detailed. Made some other general info updates as well.

The Basics

A short run-down of the basics here. For more detailed info head down below the lines.

  • All payments are done through paypal
  • Prices are shown in USD.
  • I don't draw explicit NSFW of the R34 or pornographic kind.

Estimated Price ranges:

Note: The prices below include an extensive conceptual sketch phase and painting / detailing phase. See images in at 'More detailed information'

Basic (conceptual) sketches
Example: OCT Commish Sketches Day 1


Elaborate Conceptual sketches + simple final
Example: Twilight Eohippus

Regular painting, often single character with background. (Includes in depth sketches)
Example: Fear the mare

~$400 or higher
High complexity / multiple characters / large scenes / Higher quality
Example: From End To Beginning

~Other custom prices
I'm always open for any suggestions or idea that are not listed above!
Want a small simple portrait full shaded, or perhaps just a helmet? Sure! I'll be able to look into all those things! It never hurts to ask :)

You can contact me through DeviantArt notes.
Alternatively (or for commercial inquiries) you may also contact me at my e-mail:

More detailed information

What do I make, what is the process like?

High quality, personalised art.
I take your ideas and put them through a conceptual process with an illustrative result to help you make your vision a reality.

This journal is focused on non-commercial artwork.

In depth sketching process is included in the default pricing.

My livestream channel is where I make my commissions.

A good example of my larger scope art process can be seen here:
Includes, multiple in depth sketches, research and high detailed finish.

From End To Beginning [WIP] by AssasinMonkey

Different styles, and subjects?

My gallery showcases the different styles I'm most familiar with. If there's a specific style notify me of that including a link to the gallery piece.

I am open for experimental works not shown in my gallery. Whether it's the subject such as sci-fi, architecture, specific creature or a style. (or other.)

My main focus, but not exclusively, has been on organic images, either organic as in a character, or as in action scene. Whether it's pony or non-pony.

Again, my gallery should give a good idea of what I'm familiar with.
Of course this is all a rough guide, I'm open for creating just about anything, if it's not in my gallery feel free to ask!

Apple Buckets by AssasinMonkey The Little Apple by AssasinMonkey Statim Luna by AssasinMonkey Aerius Sol by AssasinMonkey

  • No R34/Pornographic imagery, suggestive or borderline is open for discussion.
  • I am open for gore. Large amounts will be considered, but pricing may differ.

My price range

Because of the flexibility in my work I can only really give some rough estimates for the price. You can always send me a note with some information to request a rough estimate for the price. This price can change upon further discussion or information.

A lot of the price depends on the complexity of the entire piece, from the character, clothing, background, but for example also when having to make different concept sketches for multiple different outfits or creature designs.

Estimated Starting Price ranges + examples of its content.

These are examples of commissions, I'm also open for subjects not listed below. (Such as landscapes, clothing design. etc.)

Concept Design
  • Conceptual design, (Creature, outfit, character, etc.)
  • Design sketches, including colour tests.
  • Final design sketch
  • Example: 

Single character illustration
  • Full body single character
  • basic to moderate background
  • Example:

Multiple characters / large scale (action) scene.
~$400 +

  • ~Two characters,
  • Action scene, conflict/fight
  • Environment / background
  • Example: 
From End To Beginning [WIP] by AssasinMonkey

Price factors:

  • Art Style
  • Complexity
  • Conceptual design work
  • Quanity (characters, etc.)
  • Type of subject (Character, environment, architecture, etc.)
  • Final detailing / refinement
  • other...

These are all estimates, and I'm open for even larger works, but those are harder to estimate, In general I will go through all commissions on a case-to-case basis.

Payment options

I only accept Paypal

I handle my prices primarily in USD, (Euro being a possible exception if desired)

Payments are made upfront either in full or part. The exact division can be discussed.

For a smooth process it's often divided into the different phases of the commission.
Example: Up front payment before sketch process. Upon approval of sketches and a direction is chosen, next payment is made.

Commission roundup

By default:
  • I will upload the final result to my gallery.
  • I will also upload a WIP to my gallery.
  • The commissioner received a final version twice the size as my gallery upload.
  • Files will be saved in .PNG unless specified otherwise.
If you'd like a specific size, file type, or other, let me know in advance.

Furthermore I will also upload a Work In Progress image to my gallery.

In general I do not plan on recording the process, due to current storage limitations, and the additional time required to manage and put it together.

I hope this was informative enough to give you an good overview of my commissions.
If there's anything unclear, not listed, or otherwise unknown, let me know in the comments or you can send me a personal note.

PS: From time to time I might start special bulk commission runs, as seen previously in October here:

These are often smaller, experimental, faster paces commissions. Mostly without revisions of any sort, made in single sessions.

PPS: I also have a Patreon where you can support me, but at the moment it is kept separate and doesn't impact or involve commissions in any way.

© 2014 - 2021 AssasinMonkey
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EnTaroZerg's avatar
Do you have a plan to reopen commission again? Your prices are acceptable for me and I'd like place some $400+ orders but it seems had been closed for a long time.
AssasinMonkey's avatar
At the moment I have no immediate plans on when and if they'd return. Chances are I won't be doing the big custom commissions any more at all, unless there's some drastic changes applied tot hem. Those were the main ones that burned me out, and even at these prices were still severely under priced for the time and effort they took. They were highly customized, personalized and created with in depth conceptual / research phase. (As the examples shown above may show)

The type of commissions more likely to be reintroduced first are pre-defined basic small ones, along the lines of what "my chibi pony commissions" were. But no plans on when that would happen. At the moment there's a lot of other stuff on my mind keeping me from committing fully to them.
24AHEL1TE's avatar
what about chibi versions
AssasinMonkey's avatar
I've done a couple Chibi pony commission runs in the past which went quite well. I might do more in the future when things are sorted out more. They're fairly small and don't take too long so they're easier to fit in most schedules.
Chromiapegasus's avatar
Wow, those prices are high, I mean the quality of your work justifies them but it's definately out of my price range o.o
ScopeGuardPony's avatar
So are you always open?
AssasinMonkey's avatar
Kinda yea. I mostly work with schedules and plans based on the commissions I have at each point in time, rather than a slot based system.
You may always ask me what my current commission schedule is, how busy I am. It may also depend on the type of commissions on when I'd be able to get to it. For example a sketch commission is easier to squeeze into an earlier week.

At the moment I have several contacts I'm working through, and with BronyCon happening soon, I'm fairly occupied in the short term, and possible a bit after BronyCon as well. But I'm always open to go through some details in advance, either through DeviantArt notes or my e-mail :)
Tesseradical17's avatar
TAKE MYYYYyyyyyyyyyyyuhhhhhhhhhhh...nevermind.
TheChubsterWolfie's avatar
how much would it be for a profile like an icon headshot?
AssasinMonkey's avatar
May depend on the style and detail level (and possibly size required at). If you had any from my gallery in mind as a reference for that it will be easier to make a closer estimate.
But for something like a head and possibly the shoulders slightly I assume, something like these? Faces of FCW #01 or Pony Colouring + PSD
Could range from $25-$100 I think. But it may vary and such as I mentioned.
TheChubsterWolfie's avatar
soooo wish i had tht money, sorry to bother u but i dont have tht much.
TheChubsterWolfie's avatar
do you do point coms
AssasinMonkey's avatar
Only Paypal commissions, sorry.
AssasinMonkey's avatar
Obviously these prices are simply out of your price range. This doesn't change the fact I've had multiple successful commission with positive results from all types of price ranges. From $30 to $300+ ranges (these are already far lower than professional ranges). The hours often sit around the 10-15 hours for smaller pieces while larger ones can take 30+ I list most of my hours in my artwork descriptions, this does not include the communication time. So far none from recent years have had a specific "50 hour+ mark" (so I'm not sure where you got that number from in the comment below)
If you had not noticed it yet, these prices are all estimates based on a full package as described in the journal as well, thus flexible and negotiable in what the actual costs may be (If it is not clear to everyone these are flexible estimates I will simply have to update my journal). A full package includes an in depth conceptual stage involving dozens of sketches, studies, researches, and more, eventually leading into the final painting where refining and detailing happens. Again, all flexible.
My goal is to give quality service on every step and flexibility, to make sure everything is planned properly and both parties can be fully satisfied with both the process and the result.

To give an idea of what makes a commission experience. What it's like to commission me, in case I had not listed it already in the journal above.
Part of the starting process is having an in depth discussion on the details of each person's commission, to make sure both sides are on the same line. This can take several hours already depending on how many details, pre-research and investigation is done. This makes sure all details required are included, a more accurate price estimate can be made, and building up to giving the results expected and beyond.

For a full package deal I already mentioned the in depth conceptual stage. This can involve in depth research to all possibilities. As many compositions, designs, colours, sketches, etc. as deemed required. Either to give the commissioner a selection of options to choose from based on their preferences (and not simply mine) and to also be able to pick the best possible course of action.  This can be particularly useful if a design has to be made from scrap of which a great example would be the 'From End To Beginning [WIP]' highlighting the amount of work that can go into designing a character the way the commissioner wants it to be.
This is a common practice in industries, to have a dedicated concept artist create a range of different options from which then one or several are chosen for the final product. Concept Artist and illustrators essentially being separate professions, each with their own purposes.

The sketch / preparation phase can require a large chunk of the total time (again, flexible so depending on the requirements for each specific commission), but this phase nonetheless is an important one. To visualise what has been discussed in advance, to visually show everything that has to go into a piece and again making sure nothing is overlooked, everything is considered, both parties being on the same line and to help decide on the best course of action to achieve the vision and intention of the commissioner.

Finally the painting, refining and detailing process. Which can be straight forward work with proper sketches and plans. Often require a decent investment of time. Here I am still open for any adjustments that fit the current phase. If improvement points are discovered I will do so. If something requires more details I'll do so.

throughout the entire process I'm also streaming live and more than welcome anyone to join in, either for fun, interest, or if you're the commissioner to give live feedback. I'll even schedule in specific times if requested.

Most of my commissions have an in depth process such as this in some form. I'm open for having just single sketch, single approach, single result commissions (such as my 15 smaller October commissions OCT Commish Sketches Day 1), but that doesn't have to count for everything. Some commissions simply require a more in depth process to get the best design, composition, and eventually complete final result as possible.

Sorry if these are not your type of commissions, but given the amount of (more than) satisfied folks I've had the joy to make commissions for and make happy I'm just fine with this approach. There seem to be enough folks who do prefer a process such as this.
Based on all that it appears your comment is just mainly subjective and your personal opinion and doesn't give any in depth information, thus begs the question of what the purpose exactly is. If you have some actual feedback on my information, then please do so. In the meantime let this be my feedback on your comment, to clarify the situation and hopefully doesn't offend you.
24AHEL1TE's avatar
wowonion head "shock" lol what happened well, anyway, when i get mine together you're the first person i'm coming to Philip Fry (Just take my money) [V2] 
PinnkiePie's avatar
that comment is too mature for u boy?
GremlinGrenade's avatar
It's true, being proven wrong is a lot of work.
GremlinGrenade's avatar
Yeah, that silly goose, trying to make minimum wage and only providing us with incredible artwork in return. What a stinker. And to think he compensates for it by actually providing a high level of customization and even sometimes providing more content than is expected of him? The nerve!
GremlinGrenade's avatar
Alright, if that is the case, any reasonable living is based on both time and quality, art especially. As a fellow artist of any level, wouldn't you be able to respect someone being paid for their time as they strive to improve? I'm sure that monkey would like to produce his work faster and more efficiently if he could, and I'm willing to bet your artists of "equal quality" would rather see a talented artist like him paid for his time as he gets better than to see him laughed at for trying. 
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