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Zecora Fedora

Approx time: 9 hours

Watching the Bronycon streams, during the VA panel when they rhymed Zecora and Fedora I felt the need to make that happen... for some reason :P
Here's the results I guess

Also, I noticed my Saturday Livestreams results have been changing, barely any Sketchdumps
O well... Maybe next time. Next Saturday Starts out with a Workshop though

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Well What can i say. the way these colors blend, the way you made an MLP style looking 3d pony, the FEDORA as the cherry on top! All of it. Just Wow. And the story behind the painting rivets me. Hearing someone rhyme a pony's name with fedora? inspiring. A pure expression of classiness and perfection. Once inspriration struck you, you just had to paint it. Quite marvelous if you ask me. There should be a movie made about this painting alone. Wow. just wow again. If i could find two words to describe this, theyd most likely be

Simpy. Euphoric.
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Oh no zecora has turned into a neckbeard
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She looks so.... fuzzy......
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Fedoras make everything classy.
Arurikuuuuuuu's avatar
I bet you get a lot of pussy, Captain Reddit
DalroththeWarlock's avatar
Not on Reddit, your argument is invalid.
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Another beauty! It's so soft, and telling of the forest texture. Zecora is so beautifully rendered here! I LOVE it!!!
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Yeah. I remember that moment. Now, about orange... Just kidding.

Wonderful piece.
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ahaha, I get it xD

Nice work by the way.
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super cool painting!
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She looks awesome with that fedora! I love the style and the background!
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Ok now thats cool.
I think she looks a like a filly. Is it supposed to be like that?
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And she is friends with fauna and flora!

_dodges thrown shoes_
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Really good work as usual monkey. Who says RD and be the only Daring Do fan. =P
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I get back from BronyCon, and this is what I see!  Yay!
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She's... huh, she made it work.
Exceptionally well actually; she, and the piece as a whole actually, looks fantastic :D
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:rofl:  SOMEONE DID IT!!!  XD
Very good! Your background is exceptional, Zecora is great, and the lighting is well done, TY for this piece!
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It's King Zebra!
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This must become a thing. Immediately. It's too good not to. May I add this to my wallpaper rotation?
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