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New addition for my Season 6 Episode Art!
Season 6, Episode 22: [P.P.O.V] Pony Point of View
For more info on my episode art: MLP:FIM Season 5 Episode Art Streams

This episode hahaha, oh gosh, the Applejacks. Using skewed memories to show the characters in ways they'd otherwise not be. It does show how biased your memory can be, or influenced by certain factors. Heh, some people remember things from their past, that exactly never really happened. Entire events. It's an interesting topic to cover, but they did so in a fun way. That Applejack Yar hardy har har har still gets me :XD:

Of course I had to have the bias to make a specific pony... There was some temptation to make the Bunyip, but ok, not as strong as temptation Applejack. So, there we go.
It also happened to put me in a stronger focus, so this piece went faster than expected. Even if I kinda messed up the starting process. Trying to do a base greyscale and then jump into colour, but I ended up having to add most of the colours manually anyway...

Such a fun little episode. And there was plenty more I could've painted. But just seeing it unfold was a good treat already. Yay Har Hardy har har har.
That Spike eating everything, though. Maybe he's about to grow and needs some more energy... although it could also just be his usual self.

PS: Anyone noticed the little thing that Applejack did in the very last scene right before the credits? Bwaah, oh gosh, I died. Too much. I can't.

Approx Time: 6,5 hours
Photoshop CC
Yar Har Applejack [WIP] by AssasinMonkey

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