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Winter Timbers

Little quick piece.

Had a similar scene thumbnailed earlier this year, without the timberwolf, then I had the idea to flesh that composition and colour scheme out into a bit bigger something. Not too complex brushing and all that.

It's a slightly different angle, a lower angle, and a lot of the subjects facing primarily towards the camera, or lined up towards it. So there was depth play needed. And as bonus I got to get at least a bit of "giant creature" vibe in it. Although I want to make a proper giant creature piece somewhere in the future. (Read, possibly literally cloud touching)

Anywho, Of course it had to contain Applejack. Why not right?

Approx Time: 2 hours
Photoshop CC
Winter Timbers [WIP] by AssasinMonkey

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A strange, ululating cry was heard throughout the land that day. Many still speak of how they had never heard such emotion in a sound, insomuch that many scarcely believe it even came from a mortal. But I know the truth. I heard it in all it's alien charm. That strange, beautiful, unique sound....


A sound I shall never forget, as long as I live. 

Well drawn, and well done.
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Omfg that's me in a nutshell but I'd probably be yelling something a bit more colorful than oh shoot lmao
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Even my panic is PG. Dapper Potato ⁽ᴸᶦᵏᵉ ᵃ ˢᶦʳ⁾
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Gentleman status: ULTIMATE SIR
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Applejack (angry) plzHmm... Whats over her-
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Me:(to timber wolf) get away from her, you BITCH!!!
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Ho-ly shit. Awesome.
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This reminds me of a movie
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I love this. So. Much!
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If timberwolfs can be big as that, I'd run anywher but the hills.
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Wow! I was wondering "So where are these wolves?" until I took a closer look at what looked like trees. :faint:
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That is beyond cool
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AJ: Apple sauce! Apple sauce! Apple sauce!
The Timber Wolves are a-howlin'!Applejack passes out 
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Applejack: *pant pant* RARITY! RARITYYYYYY!!!!!!
Rarity: Huh? Applejack? WHAT'S GOING ON?
R: What? What are you talking about?
R: HUH? What is the matter with y? Ahhhh! WHAT IS THAT HUGE THING COMING IN OUR DIRECTION?!
Which she promptly did.
R: What is that thing?
AJ: A don't know! It kept chasing me after ah buck that tree.
R: What tree?
AJ: Uh... Well, the one who looked like a apple tree...
R: Are you sure it was a apple tree?
AJ: Uh, yes. Maybe?
R: Whatever the reason... *pant pant* It's your fault!
AJ: My fault? Ah just bucked a tree!
R: Well, go explain that to that thing! I'm be running to my place.
AJ: Are you mad? Ah can't do that!
AJ: Seems to be too furious to reason... If it can reason...
R: What should we do? We should be safe in town...
AJ: Ponyfeather! We got to run away from there!
R: W-what?!
AJ: If we run there, it will follow us and could attack and destroy the town!
R: Oh my goodness! You are right! Then, what should we do? Have any plan?
AJ: Plan?
R: Yes. You're the one who defeated that previous big timberwolf, right?
AJ: Me? It was Spike! He threw a rock in its throat and... Hey! Do you think it would work again?
R: I don't know. Do you see any rock big enough for that throat? And how we are supposed to throw it in it?
AJ: Uh... *sigh* Gosh darn it! We can only run.
R: What about running to the castle of the Two Sisters?
AJ: Why there?
R: Uh... It just came out...
AJ: Is it about the tapestries again?
R: Do you think it is the right time for me to think about tapestries?
AJ: Ah'm asking you the same!
R: Uh...
AJ: Then, it is decided. We're going there!
Rainbow Dash suddenly appeared flying by.
Rainbow Dash: Hey guys! Why are you running?
AJ: We are running away from that!
RD: Whoa! What the heck? Is that a giant timberwolf?
R: Please Rainbow, go get Twilight and Fluttershy and meet us the castle of the Two Sisters!
RD: Huh? Why there? *sigh* Is it about the tapestries again?
R: There is no time! Hurry!
AJ: Come on D-
AJ: Dash! We are seriously in a pinch here!
RD: Got it! See you there!
She flew in the direction of Ponyville.
AJ: Fluttershy?
R: You see somepony else to reason that huge beast?
Rainbow flew back.
RD: What?
AJ: Bring Pinkie too.
R: W-what for?
AJ: Plan B.
RD: Plan B?
R: Huh?
AJ: Her party cannon? You know... for the rock?
R: Oh.
RD: What rock?
R: Go Rainbow Dash! We don't have much time!
RD: Uh... okay?
She headed again for Ponyville.
R: *pant pant* You... you found one?
RD: Once we'll get there.
R: Are you insane?
AJ: Uh.... M-maybe? Any any better idea?
R: *pant pant* You know that Pinkie won't forgive you to using it for a lethal reason?
AJ: Ah know.

Amazing work
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Runnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!!!!:D (Big Grin) :D (Big Grin) 
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See, this is why we need to pave over Equestria. If there were nothing but parking lots, this sort of thing would never happen.
This is marvelous.
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Holy fubbernuck, that's terrifying. O ~O
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Of for the love of Celestia's sparkly golden crap, just 2 hours for such a masterpiece, not "lil' quick piece"!
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This has got to be the best Poney piece I ever saw... because I'm not at all into the fandom but I LOVE this pic! There's a great element of depth here, and the blurriness of the background only enhances that feeling. You get a clear sense of masses: tiny Poney, HUGE critter pursuing him. The details and colouring are delightful :) love how that disturbed snow in the back gives the impression the beast is crashing forward while pursuing his prey. Really well done. :heart:
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Holy shit balls....that's awesome. NOW following ;)
lemme know if you do commissions as well ^^
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