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Winter Lemons

Next addition for my Season 5 Episode Art!
Episode 5 - Tanks for the Memories
For more info on my MLP:FIM Season 5 Episode Art Streams

Awesome episode, very touching topic. The song was pretty awesome too. (Heh, purely Rainbow Dash singing?!) Continuously they manage to tackle interesting and new topics, and pull it off as well.

Decided to make something from the song. Also because it has this fun contrast of seasons. Not a lot of times that happens like this. It was also a fairly funny part in general. The rainbow colours, though... gotta paint... it... all... Oh well, wasn't that bad actually. Couldn't decide whether to go with greyscale more, or earlier into colours. So I ended up going back and forth at first hah.

Hope I was able to deliver a worthy episode art piece for a great episode.
This time i was a bit less sick, still not fully recovered but at least not crippling hah. Even managed to sing a long again.

PS: No, Patrick wasn't actually there.

Approx Time: 10 hours
Time Lapse: Pending
Winter Lemons [WIP] by AssasinMonkey

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You've outdone yourself yet again Monkey. I do have to take a bit off for originality as it's Episode Art so sorry about that. :-S I love the guest cameos/Easter Eggs of [REDACTED] and [REDACTED] who are in the pic as well. I do wish there was a tad more shading, a bit of the pic is just a bit too bright, even if it's a odd mixture of "bright" Summer and Winter light effects. Also, the lines across the lenses of the "Hater Blockers" seem a bit...smudgy. Then again, that could be just because that part of the pic is very small and is thus, hard to detail. Another Great Pic overall.
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Hey look it's Patrick star buried in the sand checkin' out the booty. Patrick digs the sea horses.
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This pic is missing a prominently displayed bottle of Turtle Wax. :)
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hahaha I love it!
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Haha! Nice!!! Looks awesome!!! :dance: :dance: :dance:
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I see Spongebob! spongebob rape face 
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wish i could spend winter with rainbow dash 
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Absolutely adorable! Great job!
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Yus! Life gives ya lemons!
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That's an incredible picture
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Great work! That part of the episode was funny!
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I can't say how much I loved this episode! Rainbow Dash is my favorite pony and your artwork is wonderful! Your drawing is pure eye candy to me :)
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Wow, amazing art!! This is gorgeous! :D Definitely worthy of the episode ^^ Agreed, it was so great! Including the song!
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A wonderful work art! I personally enjoyed the episode, although the Winter setting made me feel a little alienated. Being that is after all Spring.
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Dem shades! ;) Nice work - great lighting.
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Who couldn't resist drawing a pony in summer clothes? I can't believe they came with these sunglasses. Oh! Rainbow Dash. You silly mare. Well, she tried. She knows how to sing, though.

Awesome work on this piece.

Wish you to get better.
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