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Wing Pariah

Pariah of the Wing - Outcasts from the tops of clouds, trees, mountains. Pegasus without a place in their own society. Cast upon the world to find their own path.
Some pegasus societies cast out their own, for reasons and in ways unknown to most outsiders. Often found wingless, either through birth or other means, they wander the lower worlds often hoping to once again return to the sky.
Due to their disfigured nature most remain secluded in thick forests or stick to themself elsewhere trying to cover their marks of origin from others.
While it's more of a struggle than the normal equine, some do eventually find their beauty back.
Finally some more world building for my First Contact War universe!
Trying to visualize different aspects for the universe, in this case a type of pegasus, with a fairly dark background to it. Future works may very well be quite happy, though! Since I try to show a broad aspect of the world, from sad to happy, serious to funny.

Edit: Thought I'd elaborate on some parts that may relate to the show. We've seen Rainbow Dash with a prostetic wing and since my FCW plays far in the past I tried to imagine what the consequences would be if there's no prostetic. Since Pegasus life relies quite heavily on their wings I thought it'd be an interesting topic for loss of it.

So while it's bit more grim topic, I thought it'd fit this paint style to begin with. Although I do want to explore other subjects of course! Maybe some more clothing next time. But I've basically been enjoying revisitng this style again and seeing how I fare in it (Like my Jewel in the Rough from yesterday). It's a throwback to my early paintings from a couple years ago. Inspired by classical works of art. As opposed to my 3D figurine style which has a lot more modern ties.

Anyhow, hope y'all enjoy! I'll be trying to work more consistently on my FCW universe again. Getting my idea and design juices flowing.

Approx Time: 11 hours
Photoshop CC 2015
Wing Pariah [WIP] by AssasinMonkeyExperiments of those Horned by AssasinMonkey

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WOW I really love this!. What an impressive work of values!!! super fav! I Love It! 
TheMightyGorga's avatar
This feels like a painting by one of the old masters... 
The--Commandant's avatar
This reminds me a lot of Renaissance artwork, it's really neat.
DoTheDinosaur24's avatar
How lovely. While this does explain a tragedy that some Pegasi must face, it also looks like a renaissance type painting depicting a suffering individual. I love the brush strokes, and how the eyes appear, nice work!
Roxalew's avatar
The shading is incredible :heart:
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ijustloveit619's avatar
Such a sad fate I do not want any pegasus to befall in ):
Dancing-Miriam's avatar
this beauty is DD worthy... :heart:
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WoodlandINFJ's avatar
This is  - i n c r e d i b l e - is is just like one of the oil paintings from the days of old. I wish I could find proper words to describe this, wow
Goblinsaint's avatar
Much smiley face.
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saxumsando's avatar
ho men , this is so sad and beautiful 
Shadowwolf's avatar
Fascinating. I find that this speaks of the way many ponies are treated in the show. Fluttershy and Scoots are bullied because of their lack of flying ability, whereas Rainbow Dash and groups like the Wonderbolts are revered. Flight seems to be paramount to whatever being a pegasus is, almost as if without the power of flight they are useless. It's no wonder Fluttershy lives such a secretive life. And perhaps Scootaloo was abandoned by her family for this reason?? Who knows. But I imagine those who can't/don't fly or earth ponies who are born to pegasus parents go through a lot of turmoil. This is also the basis of my own OC because I think it's an interesting idea, especially the bit about "hiding one's marks of origin." Sort of like chest binding, I imagine ponies in this situation would wear corsets under outfits to make them appear to be just like any other normal earth pony.

This piece really gives us insight into the social norms and pressures that certain races in Equestria can be subject to.
AssasinMonkey's avatar
This was definitely a big part of why I found it interesting to do something along these lines. Thinking about it, Pegasus really are primarily defined by their wings, at least in their own main societies. Kinda more distant than the other two, Unicorns and Earth ponies, because of their elevation.

It's nice to hear you picked up on that as well. It reconfirms for me when I try to keep some connection to the show, even if my universe plays in a pre-nightmaremoon era.
Can be a heavy topic, but it's still a realistic one. And shown by Fluttershy and Scootaloo not an impossible one to turn positive! :D
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my oc mailce thunderblade is one of those you call wing pariah she lost her wings flying though a tornado that got out of control in order to save 2 other flyers that got pulled into it the winds and debris battered her wings practically off doctors had to remove them she wasnt banished tho she was called a selfless hero but she still heard all the behind her back talking <what good is a wingless pegasus > so she left move to ponyvill thats about how far her backstory goes for now im still tring to figure what time and universe she fits into im leaning twords past sins universe but im still not sure
jeroen01's avatar
This gives me the creeps! If it was your intention to do so you did it.
Crazyaniknowit's avatar
Wow! This is astounding and the concept is very well thought out (also a bit heartbreaking, makes me wanna cry)
mlpdarksparx's avatar
Amazing concept, I love the story/background you've written for this. I may have to check out this First Contact War of yours. 
mystic2u's avatar
I love the fragility in how you've composed this character, they feel very much like a fallen angel, and wow that lighting! So dramatic. Also, the longing gaze towards the skies or 'heavens' definitely gives off that vibe as if they're saying, "Why did you forsake me brothers and sisters?" Beautifully sad. 
dkghost's avatar
Simply amazing, such a beautiful piece. 

I really love this Universe of yours, I'd love to see more art related to this Universe so please keep it coming. 
junior2729's avatar
I loved it! i was really missing your first contact war' verse :D
TooCliched's avatar
That's really sad.
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