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New awesome episode I'd say, warrants some art. Had different choices but apparently went for the full environmental piece! Now that's a first I think (at least where there's no ponies at all)

So nice to see the mane 6 families being touched on again, even if it's 1 character that was more than enough for a great episode. The humour, sadness, characters, good fun.

This painting took me longer than should, but heh, environments, especially those containing architecture are not my strongest point. :|
With all the clouds in the scene it looked like a very ambient lighted place, what cloudy does. Lower contrast not harsh shadows, went for that first but I slightly upped the contrast in the end. Not too much hopefully.
Also, clouds

Approx Time: 6,5 hours
We Rock [WIP] by AssasinMonkey
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Fantastic work!
Nearly 7 hours I wouldn't say is very long at all so well done with sticking to it and finishing it! Even though you may think your architecture is not good I would object and say that is is true to the original design of the time and place and the detail is impressive. The clouds look very artistic and blends in well with the background of mountains and distant trees. The foregrounds detail is nice and with the trees lacking the foliage its nice to see some underbrush that seems to be thriving.
It just goes to show that even if there are no ponies or other characters in the image your able to create a truly interesting scene to marvel at.
Very good job keep up the great work!