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Warm Adventure Flow [WIP]

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WOOOOOW *----* I LOVE IT, GREAT JOB !!!! Ritsu Tainaka (We'll make money) [V1] 
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You're amazing Neko Emoji-32 (Clap) [V2] how do get the flat colors from step 6 to step 8 so bright/colorful if you get what I mean? >-< I'm new to greyscale and have my problems with getting the colors so stunning x,(
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Dude... this is just so amazing oml... I've just been staring at it and its so detailed it looks 3D... so wow, just wow. :clap: 
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This just blows my mind. Amazingly detailed. I couldn't even imagine doing something for 9 hours. I'm more of a speed painter. But then again that means my commissions are only like $10.
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How you decide the lightning?
Are you planning where the lights come from or use some real life reference for that?
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I often have a rough idea of where I want the light to come from. In this case it was a combination of fairly ambient light with a small sense of direction to it.
Everything being softly lit, and mostly just the nooks and crannies having those harder shadows.

Everything is done on the go, I don't use any references for light. I've probably become familiar enough with different ways of shading something that I'm able to vary and experiment with it myself.
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I see. That is good to know.
Thank you for sharing!

Keep up the great work!
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How did you change your details between step 6 and step 7?
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Once I finished the initial colouring there, I just worked directly on a new normal layer to add in the smaller details like the strands of hair and to make some other adjustments.

I tend to keep the smaller things until after the colouring because it can be tricky to colour individual thin strands of hair perfectly. So I just avoid having to colour it like that and keep to the larger simpler shapes first.
One drawback is that I won't be able to easily change the colour around when I take this more direct approach.
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My guess is added lining
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You may be right.
Very interesting! So blocking out the basic tones helps you make changes like the hair between 2 and 3? Was drawing attention to her face with contrast the reason there?
Always awesome and inspiring to see behind the scenes stuff by excellent artists, thanks!
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Blocking it in definitely gave me an idea of several things there yes :)
I felt like her hair was a bit too massive at first, so I decided to shrink it all down. Partially because it probably is a bit easier to manage. As a result it did also create that contrast with the background.
Composition wise the hair going of the canvas seemed a bit much as well, with it shorter it felt like a more pleasant composition. Maybe because it creates a bit more of a triangular silhouette.
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Man you are ridiculously good
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Nice tutorial! 
In my head appeared some thoughts about drawings, thank you!
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