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Warm Adventure Flow

New addition for my First Contact War universe.

Wanted to try and achieve the feeling I had with Pegasus Sanguine which felt a bit more characteristic or playful. A bit more personality visible perhaps.
In this case I also at least wanted some environment, because I have to practice it somehow.

Anywho, I almost skipped on this one because I wasn't sure if I'd be able to pull it off in one session. Did adjust my end goal a bit, though hehe. Designing the armour on the go a lot, and other things such as the colourscheme, etc. All the adjustments.

Oh well, was fun! Did work a bit too messy here and there for my own good, but I think it still managed to come together... in some way.

Approx Time: 9 hours
Warm Adventure Flow [WIP] by AssasinMonkeyPegasus Sanguine by AssasinMonkey
Unicorn Natura by AssasinMonkeyEquus Terrae by AssasinMonkeyMagical Flow by AssasinMonkey

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I am in lurve with your art.

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:star::star::star::star::star-half: Overall
:star::star::star::star::star-half: Vision
:star::star::star::star::star-half: Originality
:star::star::star::star::star: Technique
:star::star::star::star::star-half: Impact

Vision: The feeling of adventure, wonder, and the beautiful eyes looking for something new to learn how it works is reflected in her eyes and the energy of the scenery. In my opinion the vision fuels a playfulness in the mare with a sense of adventure and travel.

Originality: Art of MLP is common but the energy each artist brings makes it original along with setting, clothing, etc. The landscape is unique for where one would find a pony roaming, the outfit is lovely and I have not seen another like it. The location and clothing with the shoes/accessories such as the armor. Nicely done.

Technique: To start the landscape is beautiful with how it is shaded, the lighting, the detail and the beautiful blend of colors so they stand out but at the same time are not hard on the eyes with contrast. It's clear where is grass/greenery, stones, bare ground, trees, leaves, sky if the time of day is evening with a fading sun. Or if they are red embers since her eyes appear to reflect fire or a strong light still it's beautiful to look at.

I am curious if the dark gray sort of faded brown if that is dirt, wood, or a leather journal dropped by this mare or another pony who passed there previously. It sort of looks like wood yet also makes me think it may be a book with a strap.

For the mare herself overall simply gorgeous with detail on her mane, tail, eyes, body, outfit, shoes, saddlebags, armor, all of it is just wonderful with the folds and creases and the movement we get to demonstrate the blowing wind. The way the mane flows, swirls, bends, and is blown over and out looks and feels real with the detail for the strains so it isn't too much but just enough to demonstrate how hair would go in the real world. Same for the tail. The detail is amazing and very lovely added to it by the soft and darker shading for shadow and light source.

The eyes are beautifully expressive and I love it. I love how they reflect what I assume is by her facial expression fire or something causing a disaster and that is wonderful for the eyes to be showing such emotion. Along with the emotion of worry/concern I also pick up a desire inside to travel, for adventure, and to find somewhere potentially safer than her current position.

The ears are nicely shaped and placed for her expression and the shading is wonderful on the ear and face with her neck. What sort of bothers me a little is I think her nose. Something about the nostrils doesn't feel right but that could be just how my eyes are registering their position so if technically correct ignore this tiny detail.

The clothing is, in my opinion, in top category from what I've seen. The ripples and ruffles on the fabric layers is wonderfully detailed with darker and lighter area's in reference to body position and light source. I also love the small hint of red on the bottom edge of the white fabric by her back leg. The leather saddlebag has equally excellent detail with different shades of colors showing any wear or discoloration from use and travel demonstrating its leathery material. The red strap is also a nice touch to hold it closed as is the red straps on the extra I assume smaller pouches for carrying smaller items.

The metal armor has nice shading and highlighting giving it a metal feel as well with the raised edges showing the layering done to strengthen it. The shoes nicely designed as are the pants on our pony with the front part of the shirt.

I'm feeling a little confused on the brown leather thing at her chest under the tan fabric and metal plate. I'm not sure what the brown thing is so I'm unsure how to comment on it as I feel unsure involving its use and purpose but that's a minor detail.

Impact: As a whole excellent. It gives, to me, a great sense and demonstration of adventure, travel, and that her life is in danger by just what may lurk in the open world outside of her home or any settlements. It makes me think about this characters story, if one, and what role, if any, she would play in any tale covering this world. Wonderfully done.

Overall: Everything is excellent and I enjoy the lovely blend of color, the expressive eyes, the smooth and almost effortless way the mare's hair flows in the strongly blowing wind. All the small and bigger detail is very nice to see. Only things that confuse or bother me are: I am curious about if the brown at the base is a book, wood, or barren dirt ground. The placement of her nostrils bothers me but that could be how my eyes are perceiving their placement based on angle. I feel confused and uncertain about the brown at her chest under the metal and tan fabric as I'm not sure what it is or its purpose/use so that's minor.
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:star::star::star::star: Overall
:star::star::star::star::star-empty: Vision
:star::star::star::star-empty::star-empty: Originality
:star::star::star::star::star: Technique
:star::star::star::star::star-half: Impact

I have no words....

The hair looks and flows in a completely natural and gorgeous way.

The background, even being blurred out, looks amazing in contrast.

Her design, not different from the show and still amazingly done, extremely smooth and masterfully shade.

And finally, the clothes. The shades that recreate the creases and the design are lovely.

The shades, illumination, design, EVERYTHING in this picture is unfathomably astonishing. THIS is the kind of art that inspires people to draw.

I don't consider myself anything close to an artist, but at least I know when something is worthy of admiration. And this clearly deserves all I can give.

Congratulations for this and the rest of your work. Its beauty amazes me completely.
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Cuteness overdose!Love 
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This is my favorite piece of yours :)
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I see this image everytime i unlock my phone. Thanks! <3
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My personal favourite. I love everything on this artwork!
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This is extremely impressive and skillful, holy hell keep it up! :>
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it looks so awesome /)*3*(\
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Wow! Balloon Boy's Coming for that booty(batteries) 
Awesome work Heart
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just... wow!
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Oh wow! I thought this was a figurine or sculpture! This is amazing!!! 
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I have this one :D Totally great!
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I love the way you shade!
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The textures on her mane and dress look gorgeously awesome!
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I meant and not be I hate auto correct
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All I can think of is the words quest be grand adventure my imagination go,s crazy wild you always deliver and nevery disappoint assassin monkey😸
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I still can't... when I see the thumbnails, I know who it's gonna be... it's just too amazing, it's just too much!
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These pictures/models would go great with the MLP version of Pathfinder/Dungeons&Dragons. So lifelike. The 3-dimensional look is very well-executed. 
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