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Unicorn Natura

New addition for my First Contact War universe.

Trying to elaborate on the style I used in last Saturday's piece Pegasus Sanguine
Immediately harder with such a background haha. Gotta admit, I only quickly decided to add a BG like this after the sketch was already "done".
Oh the things I get myself into...

Anywho, exploring some armour again with random OC. Wooden armour this time around. Wood can be surprisingly strong for it's weight. It's just such a bother to get in the right shape, even if you can find a tree large enough.
Don't worry Zecora, this is before your time, your home is... "safe"

I'm probably going to continue with this style for sure. I just have to figure out some aspects still. Like the background. My landscape approach is way different than character already, and feels even further from this one. Since this piece was done in a single session, that also makes me "rush" a bit through things.

Hope y'all enjoy!

Approx Time: 11 hours
Unicorn Natura [WIP] by AssasinMonkey
Pegasus Sanguine by AssasinMonkeyEquus Terrae by AssasinMonkeyWarm Adventure Flow by AssasinMonkey

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:star::star::star::star::star-half: Overall
:star::star::star::star::star-half: Vision
:star::star::star::star::star-half: Originality
:star::star::star::star::star: Technique
:star::star::star::star::star-half: Impact

Vision: Good with good energy brings me to get the feeling of a warrior coming out to examine new visitors to her clan/groups land/territory. Beautiful work on the armor.

Originality: Pony art nothing new but the energy, armor, and coat style/pattern is especially the coat. I cannot recall coming across another pony marked like this before and I like it.

Technique: The landscape is wonderful and beautiful to take in. The detail with the grass, stones, trees with their bark and leaves, the depth framing the main focus being the pony is nicely done in my opinion. The mare is also very elegant in her design and the fluidity I can feel from her position about her movements and handling of herself. I love the grace and a I would say sly look to her eyes when paired with the slight smile on her lips makes me think she may be a slight trickster just not in a mean way.

The color is stunning in her eyes and as I've grown to expect shows depth and emotion inside them which draws the viewer into wanting to know more if there is more. Her horn well done on its shape and length, her mane is beautiful. It feels very soft with its lines so smooth and just the right amount giving it a realistic feel same for her tail which is also wonderfully shaded with her mane and face.

The leather around her neck is very well done with its cut, raised design, carved out lines all nicely done with its slight shading and small color changes in places. The threads holding the chest of the green shirt of the outfit is a nice touch to a medieval feeling. I like the shade of off white covering her legs. The shaded and highlighted bends, folds, and creases brings a very realistic feel which is another point I've grown to expect and enjoy from the artist.

The leather straps securing the wooden armor to the pony is a very nice touch and practical to ensure it stays in place during travel or battle if any battles arise. The wood is wonderful. I like the light brown color of it with the darker shades to show the grains with cracks and any damage or knots in the wood. I also like the small detail of placement with smaller armor up around her face held in place by leather, nicely done.

Only thing I could possibly see and suggest if it would improve and not detract from the artwork as a whole, as it is beautiful, would be the wood on her back I am wondering if that would have any shading to it since it is behind her head and if the light is from the front or the right somewhere then would that result in a shadow even a slight shadow being cast onto her back? Not a lot maybe just some or slight?

The other thing I wonder is her back, when looking at screen, left leg. Would that have a bit more shadow on the wood if not leg itself from the front leg moving in what appears she is going to be turning so would that cast a bit more of a shadow on the back leg?

And is that falling strains of her hair? If so I'm curious if she is losing hair or if somehow some strains got cut or if just there which is more of a curiosity.

I'm no expert on shading or shadow placement so if what I suggested/asked would detract from the beauty of the image then never mind.

Impact: Most artwork can get my mind thinking and trying to visualize and feel the area the character is in and what might take place in the depicted scene/location and this falls not out of this normality for me. The scenery is beautiful and very breathable with a open feeling with a graceful main focus, Natura which I assume is her name and if wrong I do apologize.

Overall: Completely beautiful with a very elegant and graceful feeling mare with fluidity in her movements, in my opinion. The attention to detail did not disappoint and the scenery is just as detailed and lovely. Only things I wonder if might help improve it based on light is if there would be any level of shadow on her back on the fabric and wooden armor, if a little bit of shading would be on the back left leg during her turn due to the placement of the front right leg, and curious if that is strains of her hair falling from her mane or not and if so why if there is a reason. Excellent work.
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Does She have that one skin condition? Idk what it's called
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this looks so awesome
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cool , it almost looks like CGI
SmoQ020340's avatar
It looks like 3D. That is how much good it is.
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i think you just became my new favorite artist. oh my this is a wonder to look at.
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Wow! Such detail, it almost looks like CGI :)
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What an amazing and interesting painting style you used here...! Looks great!!! :heart: :heart: :heart:
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I considered making this a critique, but in the end it's mostly personal taste, I decided against it.
To me, the the pony looks just a bit too smooth, more like a computergenerated model than a painted figure.
While this speaks volumes about your skill, it looks just a bit too smooth and possibly lifeless  to me, especially compared to your more painterly pieces.
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Absolutely lovely! I love all the detail you put into this. Absolutely lovely! :)
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It honestly looks like a 3D rendering, awesome.
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I love this new style you're making for ponies. It looks really good and very appealing. Not that your previous style wasn't, but this is just so much more. I especially appreciate the eyes and the smooth, rendered feeling of the shading and colors.

My main—and really only—complaint is the wooden armor. It looks... nice, but compared to everything else in the piece I can't help but feel like it looks unauthentic. The skin looks like skin, the clothes like cloth, and the hair like hair (except for some areas like the tip of the tail when it touches the grassy ground and the areas that overlap trees—but that's only because the hard colors (and strokes?) don't 'give' into the background), but the wooden armor doesn't feel like wood. Maybe it's just because it's supposed to be sanded wood, or the rush-iness since you were doing this in one session, but the longer I look at it the more off it feels.

I suppose to sum up, I absolutely love love love this style, but I dislike how inconsistent it is throughout the picture. You already said you still have some aspects to figure out for the style, so I imagine the consistency will pan out to everything else eventually.
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That rendering looks simply amazing. Almost looks like a 3D-model!
Very good, favorited! Twice!
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She looks so real, I want to touch her D:
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Its remind me of Attack on Titan hue.
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Ooh, gorgeous! :D I like the colours of this piece!
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This is seriously incredible.
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Wow! I adore the change up of the style
FiredawnLeafpool's avatar
Love the new style!
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And here I was thinking "Unicorn Druid."
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