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Underwater Surf


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New Episode! New... Forms to make!
"Surf And/Or Turf"

Sorry Terramar, it was easier to just leave you out so I only had to make 3 characters heh. Even though I have made your sister in the past.

At least the poses were less bound by gravity, and less legs to fling around. But still, with 3 characters, I tried to keep it a bit simpler, and I havn't done a multi-char piece in a while either. Having each other overshadow each other's lack of finer detail. Quantity into quality.
Also bubbles, to distract everyone. Just add more bubbles, pretend you were playing the bubble fish.

Anyhow, it's still interesting to do underwater pieces. Partially because I at least manage to get some basics I'd guess. The water caustics are fun to just suddenly have appear when you make the base ponies good enough for it.

This episode touched on a really interesting topic they hadn't really done before, and they did it in a way where it doesn't feel forced. It just happened to work with the situation the Hippogryphs are in right now! And it's done in a way where there's enough room for interpretation as well, because there's several different reasons a kid or their parents might need to choose where to live (in real life), and it doesn't really matter what the reason might actually be it's a nice representation of such struggles some face.

Hope y'all enjoy!

PS: Still also getting used to working on a (borrowed) Cintiq, while I'm away from home. It's still a weird switch, on top of having a laptop keyboard instead and all that.

Approx Time: 7 hours
Photoshop CC
Underwater Surf [WIP] by AssasinMonkey

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That’s so true! Twilight was doing the same!