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Twilight in Daylight



No new episode this weekend, but I still gotta make some ponies, right?

I've been thinking about making the mane 6, spread across 4 pieces, based on their VAs. (Potential prints)
Although I should've started these 3 weeks ago... but... yea... things aren't going that well.

Either way, here's at least Twilight! Just being... Twilight I guess. Been references some older styles and presentation ways of ponies. But I admit I rushed this one a bit because I literally spend half my stream sketching a bunch of ponies, not knowing what I actually wanted to paint. So I started painting a lot later than usual.

I feel so much like I'm just derping around, though. Not really sure what anatomy, lines, paint style, or even approach to take. But I suppose I do still manage to get some aspect out subconsciously, which I've learning/practices over the past. Like some of the shading. As long as I have an idea of the shapes and style, that is...

Anyhow, the rest of the mane 6 should be done before BronyCon if I can keep that plan. Not sure who's next, some will have to be made throughout midweeks, and some can be done during the next Saturday Stream. A mystery until then!

Approx Time: 6-7 hours
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Twilight in Daylight [WIP] by AssasinMonkey
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She’s so adorable ♥️