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Twilight Eohippus [WIP]

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Interesting idea! The art is wonderful.
I rarely favourited WIP, but your work on this one is just amazing.
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This is really cool, i wish we could see more of it around the fandom.
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These are very detailed work. I learned something new everyday. Keep up the good work ^-^
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That is awesome!
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I imagine their worst enemies would be the terror birds.

I also I imagine that some foals from Eohippus, being attacked by birds of terror, they would find protection, which they would receive from a more ancient prehistoric creatures, some giants Ninjemys, horned turtles.
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No sweat, they had unicorn powers. Also crude spears probably.
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Gastornis species were very large birds, and have traditionally been considered to be predators of small mammals. However, several lines of evidence, including the lack of hooked claws in known Gastornis footprints and studies of their beak structure, have caused scientists to reinterpret these birds as herbivores which probably fed on tough plant material and seeds.

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