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Tree Guard

Commission for Kyle Gannon
Featuring a very important guard duty
"I must guard this tree!"
Based on a location in the game 'Super Lesbian Horse RPG'

Definitely an interesting commission haha. Don't let the game's name fool you, though.
Haven't played it myself, but the situation above was still good in its own.

Got to make some interesting facial expressions. And with the simpler style combined with vibrant colours it was a fun painting process as well. Translating art from pixel style to this adds that extra bit to the process as well, trying to take hints from the show and my previous pieces to get an idea of how to approach it and balance between the lot.

Tree Guard [WIP] by AssasinMonkey

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This is a Babylon 5 reference.

Ambassador Londo Mollari :
Why is she still here? Probably because the emperor gave the order. 

After that, I doubt he gave it much thought, and thus forgot to countermand the order. 

These things happen in a monarchy.

When I was still new to the royal palace, I looked out the window and saw a guard standing in the middle of a courtyard; nothing to protect, nothing to guard, no doors.

I couldn't figure out what he was guarding, so I asked around.  No one knew, not even the emperor.

Finally, they searched through the old records and found the truth; that 200 years before, as winter came to an end, the emperor's daughter saw the first flower growing up through the snow.

To keep anyone from walking on it she assigned a guard to stand watch over it every day.

After that, she never gave it much thought, and thus never countermanded the order.

As a result, every day, for 200 years, a guard would stand in that place, long after the flower was gone.

Long after the reason had been forgotten.
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Gotta love SLHRPG
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Maybe he's nearsighted, and mistook it for Fluttershy. :P
PoshPegasus's avatar
Is he guarding the tree or watching it to make sure it doesn't try anything, after all its a rather shifty looking tree....
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Not even a zombie apocalypse, can stop this man from guarding this tree!
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When you piss off your commanding officer...
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Heh. Don't you think you've got the wrong tree? Fluttershy is the other way! ;)

But nah, I think I can vaguely recall that from the game.

Haven't played it? I can only recommend it, I was hooked after finishing the first dungeon. :XD:

Very cute, very laugh-out-loud kind-of funny, and has an awesome soundtrack. :nod: 
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Where do I find the game?
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Guard Dat tree!
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The guards at that wall were something else.
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I won't stop look at you! xD Nice work!
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The funniest part is that if he's facing the tree, he's not guarding the tree from something, he's making sure the tree doesn't do anything.
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The guard isn't there to arrest the tree? Because it's flashing the girls?
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One of those weird commission??? I can't imagine anything else. I'm pretty impressed that you could keep focus all the way though the drawing process of such an imagine. No offence to the commissioner. 
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That looks nothing like the Tree of Harmony.  You're fired!  
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I remember that guard, I love that game!
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I played the game. It was more fun than I thought. Especially because of scenes like the one up there. :D (Big Grin) 

It's good to see you're getting done with some commissions again.
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I really like this one! Awesome job!
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Celestia: Guard? What are you doing?
Guard: Defending this tree your highness.
Celestia: That... really isn't necessary.
Guard: No, I really need to defend this tree.
Celestia: Wouldn't you rather guard Canterlot? Or stand by my side as a personal bodyguard?
Guard: No... I really need this tree.
Celestia: ... I'll have to leave Twilight to solve this one...

This picture really does leave so much story to be told! Looks great, and goddamn, RP artwork can always be hilarious!
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