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To the Apple Core

It's finished! I set out to do 1 episode piece every Saturday Livestream and I stuck to it... it only made this livestream session 13 hours long haha. (12 of which on this piece)

When watching the episode, I knew I had to do something like this, whether on the road or the river. Ended up with the music scene I guess. Any chance to make Applejack is one worth taking. Heck, I think it's also worth noting I've never worked out Big Mac.

So many things to make here! Though I could've done a lot more, I thought I'd try to actually finish it in a non-24 hour stream. Many colours to fill still...
I tried to play around with the shape of the cart, bending and twisting it a lot more than what I'd probably usually do with objects like such which usually have straight lines. Kinda trying to bring the movement from the song in it.

Will probably try to see if I can put together a time lapse for this. Should of course find some song remixes to go with it.
Anyhow, enough talking, lets sing! (because the song is buck awesome)
Hope y'all like it.

Approx Time: 12 hours
Time Lapse: Probably coming later on.

To the Apple Core [WIP] by AssasinMonkey
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I have nothing bad to say about this, EXCEPT that Big Mac usually looks bigger next to his cart on the show. Besides that negligible detail, IT IS BEAUTIFUL. This work does a perfect job at portraying the emotion of the characters at that precise moment. You just expect the picture to start moving and continue on with the story of the show! I especially love that the colors stray away from the pastel colors of the show but just the right amount without looking too unrealistic. One could almost write a fan fiction off this one artwork, no joke.
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big mac is like :AWW YEAH
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Not only do I freaking love this, this episode struck me the most behind Magical Mystery Cure. I even freakin' CRY when Apple Jack says, "You're an apple to the core" in the end. Also That song is my favorite song from MLP. Now I have fabulous art that makes me love it even more! A good job well done! ;u;
We're Apples forever, Apples together, we're family and so much moooore, no matter what comes, we will face the weather, we're Apples to the Core.
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I love your art work style, and If you haven't already could you make a art work of Princess Luna. Please and thank you.
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That's awesome, dude!
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The background...Wow.
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This is exciting!
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I love dis episode!! :SnakeLa: 


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I adored this episode and has an amazing moral: Family could have it's flaws, but a loving side to them
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Wow, this is so amazing!  and only in 12 hours you say, just so awesome! :+fav:
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Love the expressions in their faces.. really cool scene!!!  :D
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Probably the liveliest fan-art arising from Apples to the Core that I've seen yet. You can practically hear the characters singing!
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Oh yeah, lovely done on this one. Awesome details!
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That song was awesome, easily one of my favorites of the season.

You captured the essence of that scene perfectly, a very wonderful piece AM.
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Big Mac: [Horse Noises]
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This is amazing, I think this was one of the best episodes yet and I've been looking forward to the song ever since they released it at San Diego Comic-con. 
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13 hours? Dayum!

Well it definitely shows I'll say that =p
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