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Timber Season

Because I had to make Applejack again of course.

Started out as just a pose for her, trying to revisit a similar facial structure as my "Sister of Apple" piece ( )
Except on a normal pony body.
Then I added a little story to it, just a small hint*hint*

Possible time lapse incoming later because I want to get back to doing those.

Approx Time: 8 hours
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your a shading genius!
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Yes, *does jedi arm wave thingy* draw more Applejack.
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would like to see a Pinkie Pie like this.
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Wow :wow: I would love to see a storybook illustrated in this style. It just looks so vibrant. Nice work!
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That's one awesome you did.

What I like about this is the fact that you put effort in giving her a coat. The mane look more realisitic the way you drawn her who look a bit messy, but not like a simple mass. But the element I certainly like is the eyes: their big eyes make them cute, but giving her smaller eyes give her another aspect, a more serious appearance without losing their expressive attrait.

Her pose and composition with the background and the timberwolves staring at her give it a dark atmosphere and an idea something may happen. Soon.

Awesome work, like I said.
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Thanks for sharing these words, it's always great to see what others read out of something.
I've been trying to take the hair a step further every time, little things to try and improve the natural look, which I think fits AJ as well :D
And the Timberwolves having the desired effect, nice to hear!
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Absolutely horrifying as ever.
Outstanding artistry, but the style is invariably hideous.
AssasinMonkey's avatar
Haha yea, I guess might not have been focusing on certain audience groups :P
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Real nice storytelling with thise subtle clues leading backwards into the painting!
I also like how you used the same/a similar colour palette as the Nightmare Night piece.
AJ's a force to be reckoned with =)

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I've really been enjoying the warm colour scheme with AJ, though trying to bring a bit of the colour contrast with the background, AJ's warm colours just work so nicely :D
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Never get enough AJ. :D (Big Grin) 
AssasinMonkey's avatar
Truer words cannot be spoken! :D
N4trs-pR1d3's avatar
Oh my gosh this is incredible!! The stylistic rendering of the fur and hair is very cool 
and the whole pose and expression are very obscure in terms of the modern versions 
and its sort of vintagy grungy idk i just love it!!! :love:
AssasinMonkey's avatar
:D Thank you, always so nice to hear all the different aspects being appreciated
N4trs-pR1d3's avatar
indeed :happybounce: very beautiful work!!! :D
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This is beautiful
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