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The rainbow one kicked me

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Little dragon "speedpaint" (still 2,5 to 3 hours of stream speed)

Let me throw ya back some years while I simultaneously practice some dragon fantasy art. Tried to not let myself be held back by staying too close to the show design. Taking some artistic liberties here and there.

Trying to figure out my methods as well, because over time I always forget some parts of the things I learned that would've been more efficient. Shifting styles leaves me forgetting stuff I figured out before.

Approx Time: 3 hours
Photoshop CC

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...and his name is Cuthbert Bandersnatch

(think about it)

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Actually, his name is Razer. Look it up.

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Is it? That'd be so cool!

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Ouch, that does look like it hurt. Poor guy.

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Fluttershy not in the pic, zero out of 10, un-watch.

Haha Just joking tho xD

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That hoof-print...:o

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I missed that detail!

Thanks for pointing it out!

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Your take and design is really cool! You kept a lot of the show's design, yet added your own take. What's really impressive about it is these differences don't clash with each other.

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That poor sad-looking dragon.

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Considering this was also the 1st FiM episode I ever watched on accident =P, this is incredibly coincidental and/or creepy

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Dragonshy is a top-tier episode
Fight me.
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I love this. Basil was easily an underutilized character in the show IMO.

EvilPaladin11's avatar

He was named? When?

FrustratedInExcelsis's avatar

He's not named in the show itself. "Basil" is a popular fan name.

EvilPaladin11's avatar

Haven't seen the Dragon Shy dragon named anywhere aside from this comment section.

Guess I've never seen him in any fanworks aside from here.

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Since he was the first dragon antagonist in G4 it was assumed he was a resdesign of a dragon named Basil from a previous generation.

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She's actually pretty smug about it until Fluttershy apologized on her behalf. I can't quite tell if her expression after that is supposed to be embarrassment or confusion.

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And she's not sorry about it either, as I recall. :P

Solidly captured his sniveling. :D

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Perfect capture, title, and delivery.

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