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The Real Strange Cipactli

New addition for my Season 6 Episode Art!
Season 6, Episode 13: Stranger than Fanction
For more info on my episode art: MLP:FIM Season 5 Episode Art Streams

Haha, this episode. The references. But also this creature, the Cipactli (Aztec, Crocodile or Caiman), he looked so happy running around, trying to eat the ponies! :XD:
I had to make him. I love the design job they did on it hah. Whoever was responsible for that of the team, thank you.

It's also just great to see another mythological creature placed into the world. But also the designs and art made for the location. The wall murals and paintings, besides the other aspect in the episode, the convention. That daki... hah
Overall very enjoyable episode, and a pretty good lesson. One that applies to any fandom really.

And a the new character Quibble Pants, had an interesting balance in abrasive attitude, but redeeming skills. Which were nicely acknowledged by Rainbow Dash, which was probably the best way to do that nicely, while retaining snark.

Painted this one a bit different once again. Although at this point I could call every painting different. Its just a combination of methods I've used before, with a certain non-polished finished I've also done before. A bit quicker, easier to manage these amounts of characters and environment to put in, in a reasonable time fit for single session art, as per usual for Saturday Art Streams!!!

Anyhow, hope y'all enjoyed the episode, and had a good welcome back to the rest of the season! Can't wait till the next one.

Approx Time: 10~11 hours
Photoshop CC
The Real Strange Cipactli [WIP] by AssasinMonkey

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If that is strange to you, you should see the original creature it was based on.
Jioseph-superfan63's avatar
Cipactli in your style is really fanatstic!

The realism you put in all your arts is really amazing!
Rhubarb-Pizza's avatar
Is that gummy pinky's pet.
GoneBovine's avatar
Pinky would have a hayday, with a giant gummy and all
LE0PATRA's avatar
Awesome expression on that pony next to RD! Great drool too. :drool:
MJNSEIFER's avatar
He really was strange - his head was bigger than his body.
BrutalityInc's avatar
Real enough for you, fancy-pants?! :rofl:
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JetPowerFIE's avatar
Wow, the expressions are perfect! XD
suntwilig's avatar
waht the fuck it taht? XD
CrazyGraeHawkatoo's avatar
"THIS IS REAL!!" ~Quibble Pants.
ParadoxalOrder's avatar
Gummies cousin Toothy.
brigth-doddles99's avatar

I'm dead
FullEnergyy's avatar
Love that episode
Syzygy26's avatar
It's been a while since they showed a new mythological creature on the show.
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My son watches this anime, but this image gives me a feeling I should watch too :D, this is awesome!
CrazyGraeHawkatoo's avatar
MLP isn't anime, but it's good to know that he likes it. X3
KarinSPhotography's avatar
Than what category does it fall under? Cartoon?
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