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The Nightmare Apple



Nightmare nights is coming closer, thought I'd already start out with some art, of course featuring Applejack

Wanted to give her a nice costume that kind of fit with her life. Since the scarecrow was already taken and quite obvious choice, I went with... well... an Apple costume, literally.
Maybe slightly "rushed" as I'm still not sure what I want with colours during the night, trying to find a balance I'm comfortable with.
Started this during my Saturday Livestream, decided to take a break from it. Getting back to it I thought I was close enough to what I wanted and rolled with it!

When I had this idea in my head, I couldn't get it out, I just had to make it work. Made different design sketches with smaller and bigger apple costumes, trying to strike that balance in size, function and such.

Approx time: 8 hours

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Even with the costume on, Applejack still looks cute. Applejack