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The Nightmare Apple

Nightmare nights is coming closer, thought I'd already start out with some art, of course featuring Applejack

Wanted to give her a nice costume that kind of fit with her life. Since the scarecrow was already taken and quite obvious choice, I went with... well... an Apple costume, literally.
Maybe slightly "rushed" as I'm still not sure what I want with colours during the night, trying to find a balance I'm comfortable with.
Started this during my Saturday Livestream, decided to take a break from it. Getting back to it I thought I was close enough to what I wanted and rolled with it!

When I had this idea in my head, I couldn't get it out, I just had to make it work. Made different design sketches with smaller and bigger apple costumes, trying to strike that balance in size, function and such.

Approx time: 8 hours

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Even with the costume on, Applejack still looks cute. Applejack 
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Rarity would have a heart attack because of that wormy apple. Sooo not fashion forward XD

Good job! Eight hours is a long time to work on something O.O
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The night of the living apple
ShadowSilverwolf's avatar
Actually quite clever. I love how her legs are worms too...
Ruby-Hooves's avatar
This is the best possible thing ever.
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What's really funny is, that looks SO much like the light-up logo on Apple laptops.

If I actually had an iPhone, this is the wallpaper I'd put on it.
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Nice costume design. I imagine apple worms are some of the scariest monsters to AJ. :)
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That's an awesome costume for the little apple enthusiast. I'm sure there's nothing more scary to her family. She looks adorable yet the lighting in her eyes gives her a weird vibe too, a little like the creepy little girls in Japanese horror movies. Using stockings to make her legs into giant worms too was brilliant, and putting them in her hair is really cute and icky as well. The ornament on her (man) ponytail is cute but also looks a bit spider-like with her hair pulled through it. Really nice work on the creepy misty forest, hungry spiders, and really sweet Apple Harvest moon.
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:iconeverywhereplz::iconsaysplz:Apples, apples everywhere.

I really love her costume. At first glance it was really creepy and disturbing, but when I realized how it was designed, it made it out to be a lot better.
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You did a really great job. I love how her legs are worms!
HareTrinity's avatar
That's oddly adorable! :D
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Very impressive! 

The striking contrast between merry, innocent look of the pony and her  disgusting  costume makes astonishing effect! 

Background is great, too. Grim forest and bright moon shaped like apple. Good choice! No skull would look more menacing.

Overall, very good work. There are, however, some minor errors, like on the third tree to right and near AJ left front leg. Also, I guess, the mist around her legs should be a bit more dense.

AssasinMonkey's avatar
Oooh, good eye on the tree, hadn't even noticed that part heh.

Was good fun trying to go creepy but not all out, keeping myself within more general friendly realms. It's nice to hear the combination worked out nicely, thanks! :D
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D'awwwww... AJ looks so cute in that apple costume. The worms are a nice touch!
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I can see that Applejack know how to make interesting costumes. Kinda creepy, though.

Wonderful work
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This truly is Nightmarish, Applejack is some kind of Apple Parasite Worm Thingy!
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It comes for the blood of FIIILLLIIIIEES
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Why does this remind me of a certain fanfic that shall not be named?
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