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The Little Apple


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Because I'm not making nearly enough Applejack. Need More!!!
So I went and tried to refine a style (gosh darn me and my styles)

Anywho, wanted to do some "fleshy" material again, what better than to fold or curve some?
Also, Applejack. Applejack will cure me.

Approx Time: 4,5 hours
The Little Apple [WIP] by AssasinMonkey

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Wow! Let me begin the critic by stating that the finished piece looks wonderful and Applejack really has a lot of volume to her form! This is a very big thing for me,as I love to see volume in artists work.

Her body and the details that go into it are very wonderful and the lighting and shades are just where you would want them to be, It really adds to the value of the piece. I also like that the cutie mark is faded to her skin, it seems more realistic that way and the harshness of any color that would come from it is avoided by it being that way. Great choice in doing that!

Over all as a test of skin and a new style this piece is wonderful and eye catching all her tones fit together nicely and her eyes really stand out due to their coloring and shape. The skin folding you demonstrated is superb and makes her seem a bit more squishy, chubby, and lifelike, its very cute and eye catching. You can see new details all over her wherever you look and that is a great thing to accomplish.

The only thing i would say to give you some extra advice is that I understand this is a test but her hair in comparison to her detailed body is a bit lacking in detail. Not that it has to look more realistic but just that it could use a bit more shades or refinement in some areas such as the tips of her ponytail! But that is the only thing I think needs a bit of extra care. Though i completely understand this piece was made to test out skin folding!

But all in all critic said and done, The piece is gorgeous and I cant wait to see more from you!