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The King's Gold

Next addition for my Season 5 Episode Art!
Episode 8 - The Lost Treasure of Griffonstone
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Oh was this episode awesome! Perhaps also because I have this universe that kinda revolves around Equines vs Gryphons (or Griffons as MLP writes it)
So much new stuff!!! Griffon location, finally. Twilight mentioned it perfectly. Ever since Gilda there was a sudden interest in Griffon culture, her curiosity included. The sadness of her not being able to go, though :XD:

Them gryphons, all the new designs, and fledgeling Gilda. Slightly amusing to see all the takes, because I've actually done several of them myself already in the past. Owl? Check, Kind-off vulture like? Check, fledgelings? check.
Of course there was much more to the episode. The history, greedy griffons haha. The Arimaspi, which I decided to make, because action stuff I guess :P

Not to mention all the fun new faces and outfits of course. The slight Mongolian climbing & travel outfits, which well... makes sense with Equines considering their history. Poor Pinkie losing her teeth on that scone, Gilda's soft side expanding on her layers.

Great episode! Definitely had to click through it a lot to check all the little things and just take it all in.

Anyhow, art above! My more rough style. Making this made me think of "Reign of Magic" a bit. Although it did end up different enough. That darn Arimaspi head, though. Puzzling its shape, which I left not entirely accurate here and there... close enough.
Kept the colour scheme similar to the scene it's based on.

Approx Time: 9 hours
Time Lapse: pending (it is recorded... along with 5 others still)
The King's Gold [WIP] by AssasinMonkey

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Ok this is Super Awsome!
I mean you took a great sceeand made it look even more endeph and 3dimensional! ^^ King Bluto and aRIMASPI just look so kool in this picture the shadeing and the lighting are perfectly in tune. It feels more like it's scene and that's saying something since this scene already had it's own differnt form of animation in the show and looked like it deserved it's own spin off in simular animation. But this looks more like a real scene with a onster breaking through a wall it's verry truley realistik and not a flash bak.
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Wow, this artwork certainly is amazing! It really show's a lot of drama upon that moment of the episode. The dominating colours appear to be merged blue, teal, silver and grey (Gold on occasion.)

First glance at this artwork, and you wouldn't guess it was from an MLP episode, especially if you hadn't seen the episode yet, or if you weren't a fan; however that's a good thing because it draws in anyone who enjoys Fantasy elements, and haters of the show are highly likely to overlook this as MLP.

I love the captured poses, the hostility in the eyes and the gaping hole in the wall.

This is indeed a great image, and an instant favourite of mine <img src="…" width="15" height="15" alt=":D" data-embed-type="emoticon" data-embed-id="366" title=":D (Big Grin)"/>.
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Hello again Monkey. Sorry I had to leave the Stream unannounced, I needed some zzz's. Again, sorry, but I had to take off a bit for "originality" as it's Episode-based art. Overall it's still an amazing pic. Here we see the scene from the Flashback of yesterday's Episode where the Kingdom started going downhill. The time where the Kingdom lost it's treasure to a raiding monster, only for both of them to disappear under very tragic circumstances. I'm glad you put the King back in after you considered leaving him out. Good lighting, good shading, good detail, action-packed poses, good pic overall.
Arimaspi would have made a great villain for the Mane 6 to battle if he wasn't already dead, and to think they actually showed a dead villains bones in a Children's TV show, this just goes to show that MLP:FiM is truly something special.
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Basically a God of war monster.
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Another really cool scene to choose.
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This looks brilliant!
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Why is the king so damn cute?!
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Too bad that he died, he could have been an awesome villain.
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I was led here by from seeing this as cover art for theis song: Arimaspi - µThunder & FritzyBeat
just wanted to say Awesome piece!! 
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That was so F***ING AWESOME !
It's exactly what I thought the first time I watched the episode.

And I think this also fits . . .
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this is awesome monkey! can I have a link to this episode? I cant find it anywhere and it sounds EPIC!
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Who else shed a little tear when that majestic creature´s skull was found? :sad: 
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That deserves MUCH more upvotes... O-O
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I just realized... Griffons would make pretty good pirates. They are really greedy and pretty aggressive. They would do pretty much anything if gold was involved. I'm surprised more people haven't drawn much greedy griffon art yet.
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I don't need to write a critique, because it's perfect!
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Freaking cool and awsome!!!:happybounce: 
This could be a cover for a Heavy Metal-album.Headbang! 
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Woooaaahh...!!! What an epic redesign of that story on the latest episode...!!! This looks simply incredible...!!! Love it!!! :wow: :omg: :omfg: :O
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