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The Colors of the Sun

Commission for :iconkengo19: featuring his OC Prime Color

Praise the sun!

Such an interesting scene to make, sun lighting up the sky, Celestia in a different sunlight, sun statue, suns sun suns, praise them!
Also quite a bit more architecture then most of my pieces. The statue was fun to make. Some fun with the Sun.

Haven't made Canterlot before really. Had some cancelled pieces here and there. Even though this is more a silhouette of it, it still is a finished piece.

Lets Celebrate the Summer Sun! ... in Advance

The Colors of the Sun [WIP] by AssasinMonkey
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This is such a beautiful painting.... gosh. I just love every detail. And I sure love seeing Celestia in all her glory :D
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[Praising Intensifies]
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Wow, this is amazing! It looks so real!
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I really like how Celestia looks so mysterious here. The coloring and tone really makes this interesting! 
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I would praise it myself if I could see this for real.

Quite the dream, eh? Then,  would try to meet Luna.

Awesome work
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Moth to a flame...
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Beautiful work!
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Really like how the light works here!
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Very nice, love the colors you used for the sky, and also the way you used lighter shades on Celestia to exhibit shadows.

Very nicely done
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Lovely, especially Celestia! :D
I like.                                                                                                                                                                                             Clapping Pony Icon - Rainbow Dash 
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Could we have a version without the foreground pony? This would make a great desktop background without the color interference in the foreground there. (No offense to the OC)
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I'll probably leave that up to the commissioner to decide :)
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I don't mind
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wow this is Amazing =) I give you two thumbs  up.FridayDance by Thatpaperhat  
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YAY! My OC looks great!
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It was nice getting to work on this, glad to hear you liked it. Great scene opportunity :)
Also a fun reason to sneak in some Princess
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Praise the sun!
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