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The Changeling Behemoth Returns



Timelapse: on Hold indefinitely
WIP: [link]
Approx Time: 14 hours
1000 Watchers: Achieved

Those moments when I look at my most favourites piece and that Behemoth just stand tall above all the others. It is probably one of the most responsible for all these watchers, for I have reached 1000 watchers
My gosh, I remember when I first hit 1000 favourites on my Changeling Behemoth... (and then 2k?!) Where did y'all come from?! How did I even get here, wha, wh, I... yea, it happened apparently
Y'all are absolutely awesome you know? Thank you for this! I hope I can make it all worth your watch. It's been a fun journey so far, may the rest be the same. I've got no plans on going anywhere else soon.

I thought it was only appropriate to make a return for that beast, the behemoth of my gallery.
Not exactly how I hoped it would be, especially considering which mark the first one has left, but I hope it's still somewhat worth this moment.

It was quite fun to make this though, filled up plenty of livestream hours, which I hope were enjoyable, seeing the behemoth finally be created again.
This is actually the 4th iteration in terms of remaking the behemoth. I've tried to remake him 3 times before this, but they never gotten beyond the initial value sketch (and sometimes colour sketch)
But now, I finally managed to finish one of them. I think the Behemoth is one of those I've a lot of cancelled version of, including the old one from back in August

Took quite a bit of hours, but I also took a slight different approach, had something else in mind, trying to get my large scale scenes back up and running.
Especially since more is coming (of even larger scale)

But for now, let's stay with this and I hope y'all enjoy it. Change can be good and thank you all again for a 1000 watchers.
Rant... over and out :P

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The comments and likes speak for themselves for how well put together this piece is, so I'm gonna forego a bit of the good part of the critique, still...

The good: Range of value, composition, color use and palette. Activity and interest also play a major role in tying things together.


What could be changed:

Looking at your process work was helpful for understanding your original intentions. On that I have a couple notes.

We lose our sense of space for the foreground. Remember: dark to light as we go back in space. A bit more of the darker values in the front (yes, it's got a lot of them, so... more!) would help push them forward. A little higher on the saturation for the green would help as well.

A hard edge on the hillside would divide the foreground/middleground as well.

I also feel like the very background could be a touch lighter in the dark areas, just to give that little bit of foreground/background separation.

My personal preference would be to run around with a very hard edged brush to solidify a few edges, but that changes a bit of the impression and is a bit subjective of me.


As with all my DA critiques, 4 stars for everything. Critiques are about improvement, not ratings.

Feel free to leave a reply. Critiques are a conversation, after all.