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The Apple Top Hop

A little 4 frame digital hoof-drawn animation for y'all!
This came out of nowhere, but I just had to finish it once I realised what I had begun.

Was exploring bunch of styles (again), from human ponies to pony humans to hunys and pomans or something, but then... ended up doing this style and oh my... was it fun, it actually felt like it could work as a cute style.
Then I animated Applejack walking, with the little stubby legs. The initial sketch animatic took me 30 minutes, so I was sold quite fast.
Went with fairly rough lines, simple colouring, making it frame by frame. It ended up so rough I require a coloured background to fill in all the gaps and transparency issues and finally did a some adjustments and processing.

Was nice to animate something again, plus in a different style to add on that, didn't take me too long either I believe.
Hope y'all like it.

Edit: Smaller 512x512 version available down below.

Approx time: 5,5 hours

The Apple Top Hop [WIP] by AssasinMonkey

Smaller 512x512 px version:
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omg i love this so much blessed be to you for creating this :')
OverStart's avatar
hnnng! my heart!
MLPegasis4898's avatar
It's so adorkable I can't stop looking at it!!! :love: :love: :love:
unlikeablePony's avatar
Huh, so that's where this is from: I've seen this image posted alot before on message boards but never knew where it was from XD
TwilightPoopSparkle's avatar
But... I don't want to die from diabetHNNNNNNNNNNN
coco-mix3's avatar
How do you do animations? Plz respond
AssasinMonkey's avatar
For this one I basically drew 4 frames and put them together in a GIF using photoshop :)
Pinkster7's avatar
Super adorable! So simple, but very cute!
TheC0llect0r's avatar


Did I just say that? :| (Blank Stare) 

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AGH! Right in the feelins! Is so cute!!
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Rex42's avatar
Hey Monkey, I this can sound wierd, but would you mind if I messed around with you gif? (nothing NSFW, just artsy stuff). 
AssasinMonkey's avatar
hehe sure, go ahead! :D
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Bugplayer's avatar
May I ask, what program did you use to animate? :3
AssasinMonkey's avatar
I made everything in photoshop CS6, individually drawing all 4 frames then saving it as a GIF from there. :)
Bugplayer's avatar
Well, if you're interested, even with a 2 weeks late reply, I just made my own version. ^^
Didn't though it was so fun, and time consuming!
Raedrob's avatar
I like to see your endeavours into animation. Good job =)
I've been doing some relatively simple stuff myself, but yet to finish anything worth showing.
Once you actually try out animation you really start to appreciate all the work that's put into it :D
AssasinMonkey's avatar
Indeed, sometimes each from is only visible for such a short amount of time, yet each one of them can have a huge impact on the overall sense. Once you make something yourself which slows you down in the process it becomes clear how much there is (to do).
Especially if you draw out each frame from scratch haha XD (except my first sketches though)
The sniper I made before was done with puppetry in after effects though. But I guess that's reason I went with this process now, exploration :D
Raedrob's avatar
Yeah, I've had a tiny bit of experience with both tweens and frame by frame, through school.
What I've come to find out is that I love the result you get with frame by frame.
It looks much more dynamic and alive and you're in more control that way, but at the cost of more time spent.
That's at least my experience so far =)
AssasinMonkey's avatar
Indeed, there's something about redrawing each frame. Probably because its not the Exact same thing, just moving along. But rather a shape that is close enough for the brain to interpret as the same. Everything being different but still similar enough, changing organically from frame to frame.
Sometimes its the small subtle things that can do a lot.

Just like how in the real world there's a lot of subtle changes when moving, hairs flowing, all the muscles, skin, wind, ground, weight, so many variables. I guess sometimes it's just better to let all those variables loose and just draw.
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