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Sweet dirty cleaning



Next addition for my Season 5 Episode Art!
Episode 3 - Castle Sweet Castle
For more info on my MLP:FIM Season 5 Episode Art Streams

Not a key part of the episode, but I thought It'd be fun to make this :P
A bunch of different things going on separately from each other, having some fun with critters!

Made this almost directly with colour, only did the under painting below the sketches in greyscale, then proceeded to add colour and continue from there. (As seen in the WIP)
Wanted to see what result that would bring with my current style. Didn't turn out too bad I'd say, it definitely kept me a bit rougher, but that was my goal as well since I included so many characters for a piece that's made in a single session.

Anyhow, episode was great! They touched on the topic quite nice, all the memories, all the emotions. Good stuff. I kinda hope we'll get some more on it.
There's so many other things as well, though!

Since I was at Brony-Fair, this didn't happen on Saturday, but I must say all of you who stopped by the stream made it feel like an usual Saturday! So many of you :D
And finally, with some delay, my episode art. Can't wait for the next episode, which I will be watching this weekend!

PS: There's an 1080p cropped version below. (wasn't sure which of the two to make the main upload hah)

Approx Time: 11,5 hours
Time Lapse:…
Sweet dirty cleaning 1080 by AssasinMonkeySweet dirty cleaning [WIP] by AssasinMonkey

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Tuning into the stream from the beginning where this piece began was an amazing experience. Episode was played, sketch was created, followed by line work and colours emerging. As soon as I saw this scene the first time on the show, I laughed and laughed. Princess Twilight's insecurities coming to the surface is always fascinating and seeing how her friends band together as best as they can. Here we can see great attention to detail as well as successful use of depth of field. Use of colours is balanced and like that Fluttershy has a chance to stand out. Well done /)