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Sunny Little Summerponies

There was already a snowponies piece, so I had to make the counterpart to that as well. Summerponies! This idea I had already sketched out as one of the first ones, but I saved it for last. As this is technically the last image I really needed to fill the months for my calendar! Only the cover image and layout is left to do. Progress!

It's quite something getting to this point, all the progress made. Then again keeping :iconwhitediamondsltd: WhiteDiamondsLtd in mind kept me motivated well through it all, she caused me to make all these rarijacks in the first place. All that exposure to her Rarijackdaily had its effects I guess.

Anyhow, like I said, almost done with the calendar but not quite. The last part might be the trickiest. But then I got something to sell at cons but also sell online possibly! Hoping it all works out nicely. It's been a fun project already so far. I want to see it finished. It's special.

Approx Time: 4,5 hours
Photoshop CC
Sunny Little Summerponies [WIP] by AssasinMonkeyGo for the stars by AssasinMonkey

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So cute, I love these  2. :)
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This is much, much cuter than it has any right to be...
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Applejack: Ah don't get it. Why are yah laying when there so many activities we could do together at the beach?
Rarity: I'm tanning.
AJ: Tanning? Yah mean like me when ah'm doing work under the sun?
R: Yes. I'm enjoying the warmth of the sunlight that wat.
AJ: Yah are enjoying getting burns from the sun?
R: Don't be ridiculous. I applied sunscreen first of course.
AJ: But yah'll get still burn?
R: Yes. But a lot less harmful. That's tanning.
AJ: You mean like those veggies on a grill?
R: What? Are you comparing me with your vulgar vegetables?
AJ: No! Of course not! Uh...
R: Hmph!
AJ: But ah left Apple Bloom and Bigmac behind so we would have a great time together between friends! Ah didn'T come here for laying and doing nothing!
R: Oh Applejack, but you should! You deserve a break time to time. Put that beach ball aside and join me on the sand.
AJ: Nah. Ah need action.
R: Nonsense! Now, sit down so I could put you sunscreen...
AJ: *sigh* Okay.
Applejack sat down and put her beach ball by her side. Rarity meanwhile, took a good portion of lotion and applied it on AJ's muzzle, ears and the contour of her eyes.
R: There. Now lay down and let the sun bath in its light.
AJ: Alright. Don't mind if cover my eyes with my hat?
R: Not at all.
After five minutes both mares were laying oh their stomachs.
R: Oh! Almost time to turn. We have to turn Applejack so we could tan equally. Uh.... Applejack?
No response from the farm mare.
R: Applejack!!
Still no reaction.
R: Don't tell me she's...
The unicorn removed AJ's stetson to discover her friend snoring peacefully.
R: *sigh* I should have known better.

Wonderful work
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I don't know which is more adorable, their feet or the little crab. :heart:
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AJ is not amused, Rarity. But Rarity wants to lay around. :love:
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This is very lovely! :love:
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cute..u sure are into rarijack lately
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aww so pretty =)=)=)<3
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Heh, cute. Gotta love how AJ's unamsed. C'mon Rara, get up and play some beach games =P Nice work as always~
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"C'mon, Rares! Let's play! Y'can't lie down the whole day!"
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