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Should've just listened to Applejack... I always listen to Applejack! Applejack don't need to learn nothing! Apples Apples Apples

Errr, ahem, yes. Episode art! Didn't feel like making the students, and the next best outfit that represents the episode had to be this I think. Though making Celestia would've been great as well, because well Celestia, and she was pretty great haha. The little humor that she has, although surprised just how bad she was at acting. Kinda ironic how much acting skill is actually takes to do bad acting like that in character, all the different types of it even since it wasn't just one haha.
Then also the little genuine excitement in Celestia, showing that even after all those years she's still such a friendly and cheerful princess. Probably the highest responsibility in Equestria but still able to be down to earth, playful and humorous.

And we got a bit of tying together of historic events even! Always a fun bonus to get some world and lore building.

Anyhow, I guess I got another Yellow pegasus here. Definitely seems to have gotten slightly over his stage fright, but then again, with Celestia helping out like that it does seem to make it a lot easier! Those years of wisdom in guiding other ponies. It was nice to see Celestia being able to switch to playing into her strength, rather than having to continue on her weaknesses (Thanks Twilight....)

Slight different style start t this one, similar to my Somnambula from a while ago. A lot softer brushing all throughout, softer layering and only selective hardening of edges or towards the end. Does make me skimp out a bit more on strengthening those edges, easy to skip em of left for later. Anyhow, hope it all still holds together and y'all enjoy!

Approx Time: 4 hours
Photoshop CC
Sun Fluttering [WIP] by AssasinMonkey

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