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Still an Apple

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Published: June 9, 2017
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A bit of a remake of an old piece I made back in 2013: "Always an apple amongst apples"

Because I used to make a lot more sad/emotional stuff back then it feels like, and I've been wanting to bring back some of those (delicious?) tears
So here's my little attempt.

Had bigger plans for the environment and everything, but then I kept a smaller focus. Figuring out if I liked this style approach, and then I got caught up in trying to balance detail fidelity of a statue haha.

Anyhow, here ya go.

Approx Time: 6 hours
Photoshop CC
Still an Apple [WIP] by AssasinMonkey Always an apple amongst apples by AssasinMonkey

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She was the most faithful dog anypony ever knew.
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SixcolorsHobbyist General Artist
You stop that. Stop it right now.
Vupsi12345's avatar
Dammit! Stahp! This is too darn heartbreaking! 
In other words, great job xD
AshlanderFox's avatar
AshlanderFoxHobbyist Artist
Freya:*tears up then cries* why did she have to die!?*falls on ground crying* w-why her this has to be a m-mistake!
Mikaslime's avatar
MikaslimeHobbyist General Artist
you can't play with my feeling... 
Povetris's avatar
I'm not MLP fan and I didn't know about the character until this very moment, but it still made me cry a bit :( Your art works even as a standalone piece, which is totally amazing!
Autumnanimalz's avatar
AutumnanimalzHobbyist General Artist
N ooo o
gamemodeYINZA's avatar
ChaosPhantasm2000's avatar
Well that hit me right where it hurts. Well done.
PONYIX's avatar
PONYIXHobbyist Digital Artist
wait when did she die!? what did i misss..
Chewy-Tartz's avatar
Chewy-TartzStudent General Artist
This makes me sad.. Especially since I had a dog who I loved just like Applejack loved Winona
AlicornHybrid88's avatar
This is wonderfully beautiful. And now I can't help but wonder what the other Mane Six would do for THEIR pets. I bet Rarity would have the finest of gems on Opal's monument....
aruon's avatar
reminds me of that episode of futurama where fry finds the fossil of his dog from the 20th century.
JustJoeKing's avatar
>8'(..... no... No!
hecc95's avatar
hecc95Hobbyist General Artist
Oops!  Oh my god!! :o (Eek)  I wanted to find beautiful art of winona, but not like this, not like this...:( (Sad)   How could you?Waaaah! 
RomanJe's avatar
Oh heart ache.. :(
ABrightSide's avatar
ABrightSideHobbyist Writer
Darn it, why can't dogs live as long as people (or ponies)?
Catnip1996's avatar
Catnip1996Student General Artist
This reminds me of the famous 'Balto' statue in central park. I've never seen it in person, never been there, but I'd so love to. You're created a beautiful mood and great improvement.
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Augh, my heart strings~!!You Made Mandibuzz Sad Emote 
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TheRealAkiNekoProfessional Digital Artist
HECK YOU My feels
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Love it! Very much like Hachiko!
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