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Stand for Ground [WIP]

Stand for Ground by AssasinMonkey
I try to keep all WIPs free for everyone, but you can always support me on my Patreon to help keep all this possible. Every little bit is much appreciated.
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have you done an actual tutorial yet? I'm trying to teach myself to paint like this and its not going too well xD
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Unfortunately I don't have any in recent years.
Eventually I do want to explore doing them, in different ways, but would have to figure out a lot of things before doing so. At the moment I don't have any concrete plans for them.
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all good, all good, thanks for replying kaomoji set 2 14/67 
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How did you transition from the legs of panel 9 to panel 10? May you explain what you did there?
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In this piece I mostly just made new layers and painted right over everything. For the bandages that was the case as well, starting out mostly with the general coverage in a single colour, then adding in the details to show each layer of bandage. It was a fairly direct approach to painting it. I also did it on a separate layer first because I wasn't sure if actually was going to cover up the wounds, but then I stuck with it. I tend to make a new layer just to check or try some drastic change if I'm not sure about.
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Cool, thankss for the reeply.
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Huh, the shot with her hooves uncovered looks kinda cool actually - maybe if the bandages on her raised hoof were slipping off to reveal part of the burns/plates? :O_o:
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Can't figure out, what post-effect was used in last pair of frames?  Seems, face was made more contrast, and other parts - less contrast, but which blending modes/effects were used - hard to say.
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Sorry for the late reply!
At my last steps I often use a (sometimes chaotic) mix of adjustment layers, blending layers, or other tweaks. Most of the time it involves at least a Colour Balance adjustment layer. I may also end up using curves, or a layer on colour dodge (useful for glows), things like that. I mostly end up playing around with different settings to get an idea of what I'll be going for. Sometimes multiple colour scheme adjustments work and I get stuck having to decide haha :XD:
So basically I do it based on feeling. Sometimes the colours, values, effects, etc. feel right already and I barely have to do any adjustments, other times I end up with a dozen layers.
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Script I have used to split frames of image -
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She sort of looks like a cousin of AJ, I like it!
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