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Stand for Ground



Equines of the earth, grounded in their ways. They lack the obvious advantages the other equines have, but try to make up for that with resiliance, persistance and sometimes sheer numbers. Most will never achieve greatness in any form, but others will find their way with brute force, exploitation or any other means available. They take great risks, carrying the weight of their choices with them. Some choose to do so in order to rival the powers of the winged and horned.
Did not exactly plan this result for today, but ok... When I chose a different light scheme than the last two pieces my initial plan derailed a bit.
Not biased towards Earthponies!
Anyhow, another piece for my First Contact War universe!

For those wondering about the glow in her chest. I'll kinda leave it up to interpretation, but I've shown mysterious powers in my FCW works before. Possible artifacts, or wild magic.

I had more in mind than the face scars. My initial idea was a fire scarred mare (with plates fused to her skin) for which I did also burn her hooves, but I decided to cover them up with bandages. I still kinda want to make a piece with similar atmosphere as my previous FCW pieces.

Basically ended up just making a mashup of bunch of different things. Kinda messy. Cloth, cloth, hair, light, outfit design, stuff. :XD:
Not exactly as refined as I would've liked. Some of the values feel out of balance as well. Eh...

Edit: Well, I guess it was fitting this piece would be the one marking my 12 000 watchers count!

Approx Time: 11 hours
Photoshop CC
Stand for Ground [WIP] by AssasinMonkey

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