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Stable Horse

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Another little bipedal horse practice, though this time a bit more dramatic.

Also, I did not realize I almost simply switched the colours around for mane and coat compared to the previous mare, until I finished this haha. Not planned.

This piece kept fairly rough, a lot of stupid brushstrokes as I was flailing my way to the way I did the light. I wanted a bit stronger top down -ish light, painted in directly. Though it might've just been easier to do a separate layer on top. But, maybe not... either way I feel like I derped a bit, so I tried to get the rest to salvage the quality haha. Wanted to make some armor as well, because it's kinda fun to fake shiny metal. Rushed through the other materials, sadly.

Trying out slight variation on anatomy, though I switched stuff around at several points.
Basically, I'll need to make more, hah.

Anyhow, she's a random one.

Approx Time: 4,5 hours
Photoshop CC
Stable Horse [WIP] by AssasinMonkey

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"I shale not FALL!"
Thank you for sharing.
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Coming soon to smash 5
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I think, - I understand why you using Photoshop!
(thanks God, finaly!)
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Seems unstable to me. Fit of rage. Great paintjob though!
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when a horse's back legs are twice as long as it's front 
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Agreesssive ! like  it :D
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Ha, random or not I love the range of motion and depth you put into even the most simple of pieces.  haha ever thought about drawing an actual Assassin Monkey ?  A banana in the back would be quite a fruitful event. :P
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This hair makes me jealous, I want to learn making realistic hair, that's my weak point.
Great shading and atmosphere!
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bronies have gone too far...
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Despite your noted flaws, this turned out really well. Great work! ^^
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And I thought the MLP fandom was cringey........
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There's the next UFC mare's champion right there. :D
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Looks awesome!
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Badass lady being badass.
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