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Spike's Origin



So yea... I actually started and stopped working on this 4 months ago, picked it up today and rounded it up.

It was the second to last version from the WIP down below which was the point where I had to idea to scrap all progress made and do a completely new version from scratch. Which I actually started 4 months ago as well! (WIP V2 down below)
But here I am... worked on this for like an hour more and I'm calling it finished haha, I guess a successful resurrection.

I probably had never gotten to remake this piece, so I guess this at least takes my "failure" and make sure it gets seen because the concept is still something I quite like.

ANYHOW, the story. Which is the title.
It's a take on the question where Spike's egg came from, who his biological family is, where they were or are.
Wanted to see if I could answer his question in a way.
There's a deeper story behind it in my mind, but I think the image should tell it.

I really liked that topic, so that's also the reason I really wanted to remake this idea. But I guess it took me 4 months to Not remake it and just finish what I already had.

Anyhow, hope y'all enjoy this little oldy from my collection of unfinished/discontinued works. I might just have to see if I got some more lost things around.

Edit: The response to this has been overwhelming! I can't believe I considered this piece "cancelled" for 4 months...
All the stories I see from y'all, all the imagination, all the inspiration, all what I hoped for, thank you.

Spike's Origin [WIP] by AssasinMonkey

WIP v2 (and cancelled version):
Spike's Origin [V2 Cancelled WIP] by AssasinMonkey
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this took a dark turn