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Some little appul

When not sure what to make, I just make an appul.

This is an outfit from EQG Friendship Games. I quite liked it, it didn't have a lot of screentime, though. There are still several outfits from that movie alone that I still kinda want to make at some point. I suppose this is the first step to it.

Some people may recognize this design, since I made and uploaded the sketch a couple months back, Little Apples Applejack
And it was a fun little opportunity to try out this "figurine" approach again. Not exactly the most refined, but depends on where you look, hehe. I've had ones where I spend more time cleaning things up. Most focus probably on the hair. I like Applejack's hair haha.

Anyhow, hope y'all enjoy this random little Applejack.
I'll be off to BronyCon, vending and having a panel (A Monkey's Art Talk) and all that fun stuff! So this may be the last thing I could make until after.

Either way, hope y'all enjoy!

Approx time 10-12 hours
Photoshop CC
Some little appul [WIP] by AssasinMonkeyLittle Apples Applejack by AssasinMonkey

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jesus, i cant even tell if its in clay or drawn until i look at the sketches!!
you are so fucking good ffs
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I cannot believe this isn't
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Nice one! reminds me of the EQG minis dolls, though I'm getting a strong Jessie vibe here.
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That hair! It's almost like I could touch it!
Maran-Zelde's avatar
Beautiful! I love that outfit too. I'd also love to see you paint her archery outfit from that movie.
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I probably left a comment like this before, but I have to do it again:  These look like figurines.  They really do.  In all honesty, if you hadn't posted images of your drawing process in the description, I would have been asking where I could buy this amazing thing.  
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Is this.... is this a photograph?

Can I buy one of these???
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The rendering is so good, it really looks like a 3D model!
catluvr2's avatar
I honestly couldn't tell if this was a sculpture or flat. Very nicely done. :+favlove:
SonZon's avatar
So adorable!
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Oh my gosh. I though that was a model or something, but nope! It's a painting! Oh my gosh, how did you do that? It looks like it can actually be touched. Great work!
Pixel-Penguin-dA's avatar
Your work never ceases to amaze me...
Flor-de-Liz4's avatar
Oh my, it's beautiful. I love this humanized pony style. Congratulations for the work.
SnowSultan's avatar
I thought this was 3D from the thumbnail. Lovely work.
KieDough's avatar
oh wow, you finished it :3
AmyTheUnicorn11's avatar
It looks sooooo real :O
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this looks so nice!
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