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Solar Rays

Solar Rays are an elite unit of unicorns, focused on sun inspired magic showing their devotion to the sun princess. Wielding such power comes with a certain amount of suffering. The power flowing through their horns burning hot as the sun. Thus they often shave the front of their mane, leaving enough room for spells to be cast more safely.

Their coats are often discoloured, where some claim it's because of the type of magic they use, while others say it's the ashes of that which they burn. Some say it's both.
Because of their focus on solar magic, this unit consists purely out of unicorns. Groups focused on a single pony type are not uncommon, though their connection to the sun puts them in a special position.

"Do you even praise the sun?"
New group within the Equine ranks in my First Contact War universe. Specialists in harnessing solar magic, which comes with a price.
Wanted to create a special unit for the Equines again, considering last week featured a special gryphon.
Focused on design here, although I did want to make more of an action scene. But I'll use this to help with a more dynamic scene next. Maybe showing their powers in use.

The shaved head was a fun focus, the idea just got stuck in my mind so I had to make it happen.

Approx Time: 4-5 hours
Time Lapse:
Solar Rays [WIP] by AssasinMonkeyRay's Burst by AssasinMonkeyLunar Emissaries by AssasinMonkey

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This image depicts a lot of focus both on the character as well as within the character. Unique style as well as contrasting colours makes this drawing stand out from among the crowd.

Most obviously the brilliantly shining eyes are a great place to produce focus within an image as it is a point able to hold a lot of expression and emotion, both of which are incredibly done. The wide eyed face presents an alert and attentive pony, not one to easily joke around with. The detail within the watery eyes is great as well, forming a little texture in something rather difficult.

The mane is an extremely fantastic characteristic. With a shaved head being a greatly defining feature, the figure shows much depth and complexity lots of features able to be interpreted in many ways despite the original purpose being something else.

The garments look astounding and extremely convoluted with many layers attached and a seemingly small breeze keeping it in motion. Fabulous work on the texture. We can easily observe the different textures and materials used for each piece. The colours worn work really well, similar and (mostly) desaturated creating the ominous tone to the image. However reading the description, shouldn't they look more regale seeing as they are supposedly good? I digress. The smaller stronger tinges of red to accompany the even lesser yellow are gorgeous. Standing out, each red spot allows us to focus on other parts of the body rather than giving it a quick look over.

Magnificently presented with a lot of patience and thought to detail. The idea here is quite cool and is encouraged and supported by the awesome art.