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Sol Celestia

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Wanted to paint a potential new Celestia print.
She's fun to paint. Out of the princesses she's my most often chosen one to paint. I guess her colours lend herself well to my approach.

Anyhow, I also chose to try and get some human features in for practice. Can always use that. Been fun doing this more classic painting style, it's actually one that's been with me the longest. It's just that all those years I adapt, change and learn it.

My darn pose and angle choices tho... (I make poses from imagination)
Both love and hate. They tricky because I'm unfamiliar with them, but that's exactly why I should make them.

Also hands.

Approx Time: ~7 hours?
Photoshop CC

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AeroPegasusHobbyist Traditional Artist
Hmm, she's kinda skinny.... Eh I like it.

Also good work on those hands, I know how hard it is to draw hands since I can't draw hands but have tried so many times.
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JayWaanHobbyist Digital Artist
so beautiful! <3
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4asHobbyist General Artist
Right into uncanny valley. The body is just too... detailed.
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KellHiroStudent Filmographer
so much sol!!
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webkillaHobbyist General Artist
amazing shading. Just... amazing
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Whoa. An amazing job on anatomy and muscles.
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Raid-HoHobbyist Digital Artist
That landed directly in the middle of uncanny valley. And it's not even the face, it's mostly the rest of the body.
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lenopiHobbyist General Artist
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NervousRamenNoodleHobbyist Digital Artist
I wanna be like you
I wanna say that I can
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SedSomniumEstVitHobbyist General Artist
As a fellow follower of your art I have a few questions that cross my mind often- and before I do ask or say anything, i just wanna clarify that if this sounds rude in anyway shape or form please let me know. I have these burning questions that make me wonder what such an amazing artist takes flight to cartoons and other more animated 2-D characters - that said, what made you choose MLP fanart? Again just curious :)
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PikacheeksAnimationsHobbyist Filmographer
I keep looking at the detail in her eyes and hand ffghhhhnn it's so good dude... <3
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X-Force02rangerStudent Traditional Artist
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It’s like, a good scary 
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Wow... attractive
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egg1410Hobbyist General Artist
my jaw literally dropped
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PinkieKilledRDHobbyist Traditional Artist
those eyes are amazing
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Sylveon Attract Plz Heart Heart Heart Heart
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tytysseStudent Digital Artist
Oh.fucking wow!!!
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