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Snowdrop [30 Min]

The piece from my livestream here: [link]

After watching Snowdrop, decided to draw Snowdrop! which ended up in a 30 min challenge, with me taking on a new style or take on my style... in 30 min

Since it was requested I also put it in 1920x1080 size here: [link]
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so very cute and sweet.
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WMD of the year goes to...
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Why would she move her eyes like that if she's blind?

Cute rendition, though.
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I thought maybe she feels a snowflake on her nose. I might not be familiar enough with blind people to confirm that though :P
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Depends on whether the person (or pony) was blind since birth, or developed blindness later. The reaction to look at something startling is a learned reflex. Someone blind from birth would likely not develop it, but instead (in this instance) might raise their hand (hoof) to try to feel the thing that landed on them. On the other hand, someone who once was able to see and then went blind might retain the reflex, despite it being no longer useful. I have not yet seen this, so I don't know the story of Snowdrop's blindness.

At any rate, having said all that, this is an excellent pic. :)
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Love it, love every part of it.
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